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    Thanks for looking and your comments they are much appreciate. Yes you are right it is a ’C’ that was my mistake. Sorry Chris
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    USAF F-15C 493rd Fighter Squadron The Grim Reapers. LN AF86 164 by Chris, on Flickr Thanks for looking. Chris
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    Call sign Harley F-15 Eagle.

    Great shot, Rob Chris
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    cormorants published shot

    Well done Jeff. Great shot.
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    A Few From A Visit RAF Waddington

    Thank you rob much appreciated. Chris
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    Water fountain Producing A Rainbow. "Rainbow" by Chris, on Flickr
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    Spitfire flight - MJ627 and MJ772

    Great shots Danielle it must of been a great experience for both you and your dad. Well done.
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    F-15c On Finals

    F-15c Landing. "Gator 3 On Finals" by Chris, on Flickr Thanks for looking. Chris
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    'The King'

    'The King' 493d FS Heritage Jet. 48th Fighter Wing USAF Lakenheath "The King" by Chris, on Flickr We Are Liberty
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    A Few From A Visit RAF Waddington

    Thank you Jpgreenwood. Much appreciated. Regards Chris
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    A Few From A Visit RAF Waddington

    Thank you gcgraphics and holty for looking and your comments. They are much appreciated. Holty the Lenes I used for these shots were Canon 100-400L mk2 lens. And the Sigma 150-600mm Sports lens. Regards Chris
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    A Few From A Visit RAF Waddington

    A few from a recent visit to RAF Waddington during Exercise Cobra Warrior. No1 Israeli F-15 departing Runway 02 by Chris, on Flickr No2 Israeli F-15e Departing by Chris, on Flickr No3 Israeli F-15d 106Sqn by Chris, on Flickr No4 "Cobra Warrior 2019" by Chris, on Flickr No5...
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    Missouri Air Guard 139ARW. On Finals by Chris, on Flickr
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    American Muscle.

    American Muscle. No1 'Shelby GT 500E' by Chris, on Flickr No2 "American Muscle" by Chris, on Flickr No3 Harley Davidson by Chris, on Flickr Thanks For Looking. Chris
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    US cars - open thread

    Shelby Mustang GT 500E 'Shelby GT 500E' by Chris, on Flickr
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    'Still Waters'

    Still waters and reflections. "Still Water" by Chris, on Flickr
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    BBMF Spitfire

    BBMF Spitfire Painted In 92 Squadron Colours. BBMF Spitfire MK356 by Chris, on Flickr
  18. ChrisF15

    Canon or Sigma lens ?

    I have both the Sigmas and both versions of the Canon. I think most people would be happy with the Sigma ‘C’ the extra reach is nice to have and is a lot lighter than the ‘S’ version.
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    Somewhere over the North Sea

    Nice shot, Tony. Chris
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    Great shot, Tony
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    Mako F-16 low level

    Great shots, Rob. Chris
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    tamron 150-600 G2 v sigma 150-600 sport

    I have both the sigma lens and they are both very good lens imo. Yes the sport is heavy but it produces good results. Chris
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    Why new lenses doesn't have "fidelity" aka they are s***!

    And what’s wrong with Essex??
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    Thank you for looking
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    f-15e copy by Chris, on Flickr Re-edit
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    494th FS F-15e Heritage Jet Madeline 11 D-Day 75th Anniversary 'Flight Line' by Chris, on Flickr
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    Few from Silverstone Club event today...

    Nice shots. Also like those on Flickr. Chris
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    'Panther One Departs'

    F-15e 'Panther One' Departs USAF Lakenheath. 'Panther One' by Chris, on Flickr
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    F-15e Heritage Jet 494th Panthers

    Shots Of The 3rd Heritage Jet USAF Lakenheath. No1 LN AF91 603 by Chris, on Flickr No2 F-15e Heritage Jet by Chris, on Flickr