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  1. Manxmaid

    Fuji X-T1/X-T2/X-T3/X-T10 Owners Thread

    I couldn't resist snapping this gorgeous Border Collie puppy at yesterday's ploughing match, as it kept watch by its owner's Landrover. One day it will grow into those ears :) X-T3 and 55-200mm again. Patient Puppy by Andrea Thrussell, on Flickr
  2. Manxmaid

    Stairs - an open thread

    An old one from inside The Monument, London: Inside The Monument by Andrea Thrussell, on Flickr
  3. Manxmaid

    Dog Appreciation Thread, post your fave dog shots here...

    Not mine, but I spotted this lovely Border Collie puppy at a ploughing match yesterday, waiting by its owner's Landrover. One day it will grow into those ears! Patient Puppy by Andrea Thrussell, on Flickr
  4. Manxmaid

    Fuji X-T1/X-T2/X-T3/X-T10 Owners Thread

    Thank you, I'm glad I went!
  5. Manxmaid

    Weekly Chris P My 2019 52’s Week 7 Rough added

    Two really original ideas, Chris. The second one is fascinating and the more I look the more things I 'see' in there, but I agree with Lee that the simplicity of the first one appeals more. Both work really well in B&W :thumbs:
  6. Manxmaid

    Allan.H 52 for 2019 WEEK 7 ROUGH

    It's all been said already, Allan :) Lots of lovely rough textures in the wood and the bricks, and B&W shows them all really well. It's in need of some TLC.
  7. Manxmaid

    Weekly FlyPhot's 52 for 2019 Thread - Week 7 Rough Added

    Eek, mind your fingers, Jim! That's a great idea for the theme, original, and well set up. It's worth clicking through to Flickr to see the close-up details of the blade in motion and the sawdust flying.
  8. Manxmaid

    Weekly IanD's 52 Week 2019 Walk Of Shame - Week 7 - Rough

    A slightly tenuous link to the theme, maybe, but a well composed and beautifully lit scene. The light on the wall from the lamp is particularly nice :thumbs:
  9. Manxmaid

    Susiejb 52 in 2019 WAITING

    I like the way you've made that fit the theme, Susie, and well done on your restraint in the face of broadband troubles! Hope it's sorted soon and I bet those chocs will taste wonderful on the 1st :D
  10. Manxmaid

    Weekly robj20's 52 2019 Week 06 Waiting

    Don't worry about it, Rob - it happens sometimes and you don't get shot if you're late with a theme, but you've made this kinda fit the theme anyway :)
  11. Manxmaid

    Weekly Carl's 2019 52 Project - Week 6 - Waiting

    A lovely contrasty shot that works well in B&W, and well composed too.
  12. Manxmaid

    Weekly rpn's 2019 Project 52 Week 06 WAITING added

    Well done for going out and getting the image, Stan, especially when outside your comfort zone. I like the way her red hat is echoed in the colours of the cars along the rear of the platform and the warm tones on the side of the platform.
  13. Manxmaid

    Dom's 52 for 2019 - Week 6 "Waiting"

    Well done for going out to hunt down your image, Dom, and for returning with two good ones. I like the dark and mysterious nature of #1, with the strong contrasts and the person very small in the frame but clearly there, and #2 has great colours and motion. The first is probably the best fit...
  14. Manxmaid

    LC2's Cosplay & Railway Shoehorns for 2019 - Week VI - Waiting

    Yes, that processing works very well, Tim. Along with all those vertical and horizontal lines, strong foreground interest and the track leading your eye through the scene (y) It looks unbelievably quiet for that time of day!
  15. Manxmaid

    Weekly HeartandSoul 52 in 2019 Challenge Week 6: WAITING added

    Perfect for the theme, Mandy. His expression and body language show real boredom and the stuff on the bench behind him implies that he's ready for a long wait. Good choice :)
  16. Manxmaid

    DP’s 52 2019 - Week 6 Waiting Added

    It is a great sky, Daniel, but I'm not sure you need it. My first thought was that it might suit a square crop and I see that had been discussed and tried. I think you could take even more off the top as all the interest is in the woman in the red coat, the yellow lines and the other leading...
  17. Manxmaid

    Garry’s 52 for 2019

    I'm with Chris. I like both images but can't quite equate the second one with 'waiting' - although it's a really lovely and clever portrait - so it's #1 for me, which does look very much like an alert animal waiting for something to come along.
  18. Manxmaid

    Weekly Rick448 52'ers challenge thread.Waiting added.

    I echo most of the comments above, Rick - I'm not a fan of selective colouring but it works here. I would prefer the colour version if that other bright vehicle wasn't on the right hand side, but it's all too yellow with that there so IMHO you made the right choices. The low POV and colour on...
  19. Manxmaid

    Weekly Seaodyssey's 52 for 2019 Wk06 Waiting

    Great timing, Pete! It's all about the pose, the distance between him and his bowl, and most of all that tongue. You can tell he's waiting (im)patiently!
  20. Manxmaid

    BobBCN 52 Challenge 2019 Week 7 - ROUGH

    That's a good collection of images for Waiting, Bob, but having read your explanation I agree that #3 is the most fitting. She looks miles away and distracted, and the dark background and use of B&W isolate her face well. Rough is a clever idea and I like the arrangement of the piles of coins...
  21. Manxmaid

    JayJay's 52

    It's all been said above, Jon - a large collection of people who are clearly waiting, an impressive building, and good choice of processing.
  22. Manxmaid

    Ians 52

    That's a well-timed candid, Ian, she looks tired and bored and is clearly waiting for something or someone. I don't mind the background; it sets the scene.
  23. Manxmaid

    Nostromo Here again TP52 (2019) Wk:6 Waiting

    Great work, Dominic! :clap: Lovely dog, great lighting and exposure, and extra kudos for doing it single-handed. I love everything about it - will you please come and do one with my dog? :)
  24. Manxmaid

    Weekly Chenti - 2019 52 Week Challenge -W7-Rough

    Such a cute photo of a lovely dog, and it conveys the sense of 'waiting' very effectively.
  25. Manxmaid

    Weekly -OY-'s Weekly 52 thingie for 2019 - Week 7 ROUGH

    Waiting is a cracking shot, Dave. I love the way he's looking out of the frame and yawning - it suits this theme so well. The lines of the wall and the steps fill the other parts of the frame, and B&W makes sure there are no distractions from the main subject. That's a good idea for 'rough'...
  26. Manxmaid

    9th visit to the 52's! Waiting added

    Waiting - I like both images and they both convey the theme very well, Michael. It's hard to pick a favourite but I'd say #2 because your body language looks impatient and poised, and clearly conveys 'waiting'. Rough - again, two images that suit B&W and catch the eye, and it's #2 for me again...
  27. Manxmaid

    Weekly jono2002's weekly 52 challenge 2019 - Week 06 Waiting

    You've got two 'waitings' in this one, Jonathan, with the structure likely to be waiting for TLC for a long time plus it's a place where people wait, but it does seem to be missing something. If not a person waiting then, as Tim says, maybe just another angle rather than straight on. But it...
  28. Manxmaid

    My most viewed photo on Flickr yesterday......... Part 2

    Tulip Stairs by Andrea Thrussell, on Flickr
  29. Manxmaid

    Fuji X-T1/X-T2/X-T3/X-T10 Owners Thread

    Here's one from today on my first visit to a ploughing match. The light was wonderful and it was a great event for photography, and this pair of lovely Belgian Cobs stole the show. X-T3 and 55-200mm: 07 Rough by Andrea Thrussell, on Flickr
  30. Manxmaid

    Fuji X-T1/X-T2/X-T3/X-T10 Owners Thread

    I have the Slide Lite, Paul, and I would agree with @Sniffer that it's a good fit. I don't have the Leash (I thought it might be too thin for extended wear) but the Slide Lite is comfortable and it's very easy to extend or shorten the strap depending on how you're wearing it. The grippy side...