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  1. Scooter

    Battery Operated LED Light Recommendations?

    It was the fuse in the dimmer that blew - but the dimmer was kaput also - :/
  2. Scooter

    Battery Operated LED Light Recommendations?

    The "flash" isn't really a flash - or if it is, ie short enough to be classed as a flash, there's no point and here's why: say you are shooting 1/100th of a second with an LED light, on all the time. You get 1/100th of a seconds worth of light out of it during the exposure. Now, one...
  3. Scooter

    Battery Operated LED Light Recommendations?

    I like these Viltrox 116t panels. Colour temp adjustable, and takes either a 12v supply or the widely used Sony NP-F batteries - which come in various capacities. The battery clips to the back, so the light will take any size NP-F battery.
  4. Scooter

    Godox XPro now has 0.1 stop adjustment

    I was hoping this addition might enable it to control the power on my SF600's but alas not - it will trigger them, but still no power control - even though you do see the little receiver LED on the plug-in receiver flashing as you turn the dial on the X-Pro. No idea why it can't do this - but...
  5. Scooter

    Yn685 yn622c-tx issues

    Hi Shaun - I'm not a Canon shooter, but if it works fine when the transmitter is in your hand and you press the test button, but not when it's actually on the camera and you press the shutter release, it sounds to me like the trigger doesn't like your camera settings. Is the shutter speed too...
  6. Scooter

    Boom for Citi600

    ^^ This! I hate booms - and I'm pretty sure they're out to get me. :P I bought a fairly hefty but basic boom stand on wheels years ago (looks like the Lencarta one) and whilst there's nothing specifically dangerous about the design, just the very nature of what you're doing would work nicely...
  7. Scooter

    Using Godox Triggers with Nikon Flashes = frustration

    Hi Phil, My bet would be on the flashes going to sleep (or the usual issues in the triggering chain of command - contact with the hot shoe, battery state in the triggers and receivers etc). Setting the flashes to "master" is not the answer though - at best if the Godox system emulates the...
  8. Scooter

    Macro ring flash, how, when and why to use them?

    I too have a Sigma 105mm macro lens. I also bought a macro ring-flash: not half as fancy as yours though - mine just turns on and fires in TTL (and I can adjust it using the flash exposure compensation on the camera). This is not a bad place to start with your ring-flash - stick it in TTL...
  9. Scooter

    YN568ex D810 Help

    Hi Paul - if you're using the flash off-camera with iTTL, and using the pop-up on the camera to talk to it, then the camera needs to be in commander mode (with a group set up to do TTL flash, matching the group on the flash). Owen
  10. Scooter

    Triggers - D810 + SB900

    PW lost the plot when they introduced the FlexTT5 TTL radios. Before then, they were just overpriced. Back in 2012 when their new TTL system came out it was the flakiest thing ever. Even Joe McNally, who was working with them couldn't get them to work reliably and said as much (on page...
  11. Scooter

    Extreme Macro Lighting

    I settled on a Flashbender out horizontal over the lens for most macro out and about:- Some results (all single shot though).
  12. Scooter

    Godox AD600 wit Sony Camera Not Firing at Times

    Before you send it back though - change the batteries in the trigger :)
  13. Scooter

    Studio Size

    Sorry Garry - I'll hand in my card at the door :/ Here's some shots of the set start and end (we did a beauty headshot at the start, and then switched to full on colour and fog riot). Gives an idea of what you can squeeze into a small studio space.
  14. Scooter

    Studio Size

    Too right Simon. Almost all my full creative shoots are done in someone else's studio, and lugging a car full (and I mean full, seats down, estate car) of lights, stands, booms, crossbars, softboxes, beauty dishes and other reflectors, grids, barn doors, brollies, reflectors, cookies...
  15. Scooter

    Studio Size

    I know what you mean - I did consider putting up rails as the stand forest can get quite dense - and booms also have their issues, so the floating overhead light appealed, but ultimately, it was, as you say, that they don't go low enough, or reach the full (and limited) height available; or go...
  16. Scooter

    Studio Size

    Isn't it just? The rivet guns :)
  17. Scooter

    Studio Size

    I'm definitely of the Garry Edwards school of studio craft - no matter how long a shoot is, I always have more to do than I can get done (although partly, this is deliberate - imagine running out of ideas half way through a day's shooting?), and will use any dead time (make-up, wardrobe, model's...
  18. Scooter

    Alternatives to bounced flash?

    Hi Chris, Yes - as glass is an almost perfect reflector the light will bounce off at the angle of incidence - so the traditional pointing it up, slightly back and to one side results in most light exiting the room, and what little light that is reflected back, comes back down on top of the...
  19. Scooter

    Gelling CITI600 / Godox AD600

    Hi Simon - I just tested it using one red gel on the light and then another identical red gel on top. It does look more saturated, however a quick test in Lightroom putting the cursor over the same area on both images reveals that while the overall light is reduced, the colour mix is the same...
  20. Scooter

    Gelling CITI600 / Godox AD600

    TBH, in the middle of a shoot, I'm not even gonna be picky about the type of tape - whatever I see first is what goes on the gel :/ I do still have my inverted clothes pegs somewhere, but I never use them these days.
  21. Scooter

    Gelling CITI600 / Godox AD600

    I agree for the key light (or any other front light). aiming back at the camera produces the right result. I aim the meter at the light for edge or kicker lights, that are primarily behind the subject or to the side. With the meter at the subject, aimed back to the camera, it will not pick up...
  22. Scooter

    Gelling CITI600 / Godox AD600

    This does make absolute sense Garry I must admit. The gels are not modifying the light as such, just absorbing some frequencies, and passing others. Maybe the difference I've observed is merely a reduction in overall intensity after all! I'll test it. (but hey those inverted clothes pegs do...
  23. Scooter

    Gelling CITI600 / Godox AD600

    That's probably because it's the opposite of what I said :) The same amount of light, through more gel, will be more saturated. It's not about being totally enclosed. If you gel the front of a softbox, that's a lot more area of gel for the light to go through, than if you gel say, a 7"...
  24. Scooter

    Gelling CITI600 / Godox AD600

    This is the way I've been gelling lights for years - I call em "hats". Robert, and his mate don't mention one the key things about working with gels though. You need the light to go through a known amount of gel. There is no standard for this, however, most photographers working with gels...
  25. Scooter

    Disassemble Softbox?

    I take it those are traditional soft-boxes where the rods come out completely? They are a pain in the backside tbh. Fine if you have a permanent setup, but for a portable kit, the ones that open like an umbrella are much btter suited - they go up in under a minute with practice. I fold them...
  26. Scooter

    Tethered cable

    If your camera has a USB 2 port, pretty much anything will work - I used to use a cheap 5 metre cable on my D700 without any issues. If, however, you have a USB3 port on your camera - my advice is to just pay the man the money for the nice orange cable - none of the cheaper options would work...
  27. Scooter

    Boom Arm & Weights

    Yes it is - but I'm strapped for space (and sometimes I'm lazy and the C-stand is already there ) :P
  28. Scooter

    Boom Arm & Weights

    There may well be others that are around the price of the kit Lencarta sells, however I don't think they'll be any cheaper. You tend to find the boom arms sold as kits, as the fitting on the top of the stand is a lot more robust than a simple lighting spigot - to handle the rotational force...
  29. Scooter

    Subjects in front of bright projector screens?

    I use both methods during most events - mostly on-camera flash bounced off the ceiling if it's suitable. If the venue allows, and I know where they'll be standing most of the time: a couple of speed-lights on sticks bounced off the ceiling near those positions, or with small soft-boxes aimed...
  30. Scooter

    Neweer NW985N Multi Strobe Flash

    I did something like this a few years ago. I used 4 SB900's I remember that you couldn't set the repeating flash on the actual flashguns and then just trigger them - you needed another light on the camera as a commander to tell them to strobe every time. The commander flash doesn't strobe...