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  1. JohnC6

    Woodland Birds

    Good set, particularly like the second one.
  2. JohnC6

    A Face. off

    Amazing capture and so sharp too. Flickr version even better. Quite a difference in size not that that's a disadvantage to the feisty kestrel.
  3. JohnC6


    Top shots,..second that (by Russ) re the last one, too
  4. JohnC6

    short eared owls again

    A very successful day. Last one for me,too.
  5. JohnC6

    Little Grebe

    You're coming up with very nice shots of the Little Grebe, Russ. Looks like a good location you have.
  6. JohnC6

    Great Central Railway Winter Gala

    Good set,Tim. The first one is an odd-looking loco. Really like 2 and 5.
  7. JohnC6

    Leander at Ribblehead

    Nice shots,Dave.I haven't seen this one, it seems to stay up in your region. Have to say I preferred Crimson Lake like Galatea, which we see in the SW Midlands/SW. Hoping to see Duchess of Sutherland now it's gone back to that colour too.
  8. JohnC6

    Chuffing Cold

    Great set, Stuart. You've certainly been out and about in the snow and well rewarded for the effort.
  9. JohnC6

    "The Odd Couple"

    Both top shots. Love number 2. (y)
  10. JohnC6


    Really attractive,clean shot,Stuart..plenty of smoke too.
  11. JohnC6

    An Old Chuffer

    Quality set. Good call on the B&W too.
  12. JohnC6

    Starting out with birds!

    The photos are very good.Good detail. Hope you find the kind of location you're looking for. Google is your friend..:)
  13. JohnC6

    Mr & Mrs

    Excellent close-ups.
  14. JohnC6

    Great tit.

    Nice, clean shot and good bokeh.
  15. JohnC6

    Mr and Mrs Mandarin

    Lovely to see such clrear,sharp detail.
  16. JohnC6

    Nothing special - just a blue tit

    Very impressive. Good job.
  17. JohnC6

    Water Rail On Ice

    That's a great set. I have one on ice from last year. They make for nice shots.
  18. JohnC6

    Rutland Water

    Lovely first image..second nice too but number 1 for me. I was up there two years ago in a hide re the Ospreys. Their nest was 280m away on a pole in the water. Bit far for my 100-400mm. I don't recall seeing the building in the first. photo so I must have been at a different spot.
  19. JohnC6

    moored and waiting

    Nice tranquil scene,Geof and the bold colour of the boat is enhanced by the sky.
  20. JohnC6

    Shortys on a Post

    Stunning shots. Mike says it all. (y)
  21. JohnC6


    Like it,Russ. The low angle has enhanced it too. Quite a smart bird re colouring.
  22. JohnC6


    Not been able to get on for a week.Might say why in General Discussion. Yes..K626.Sublime. Used to try and decide between that and Brahms RM. Gave that up....depends on my mood. Panis Angelicus - Poulenc too. Wonderful.
  23. JohnC6

    A bit of local history

    Only yesterday my wife suggested we visit BP.
  24. JohnC6

    Little Grebe

    Excellent set,especially the last one. They seem to catch fish that are larger than what they should be catching. I've seen a couple struggling to get their catch down but they persist.
  25. JohnC6

    Newly restored chuffer

    Excellent set, very good quality, really enjoyed viewing these. Agree with Geof's points.
  26. JohnC6


    Absolutely agree re. the last paragraph. I feel sorry for those, who, generally, through no fault of theirs, aren't able to experience that..especially choral. It's in my
  27. JohnC6

    Car insurance renewal tip

    There was criticism of the Travel/Airline industry doing exactly this..tracking your website visits to them and using another computer and /or clearing cookies was advised. I clear my cookies every couple of days. I did a Google. This interesting Guardian article relates to the alleged...
  28. JohnC6

    Waxwings and Redwings from Sheffield

    Superb set. I especially like the Waxwing in 3. You've caught that one very well.
  29. JohnC6


    Very good capture,Russ. It looks a bit
  30. JohnC6

    Sparrowhawk mantling

    They are seriously impressive. Top shots, Mike. (y)