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    Humax FOX HDR T2 and NAS

    OK this has me stuck, Panasonic TV, Humax Fox HDR T2 and Buffalo 2TB Pro Duo NAS all on my network. All the above see each other without a problem. So, I put an mp4 file onto the NAS which the TV will see when NAS is accessed as media server via TV, you can also access NAS as media server...
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    Festive fun in the Mud

    Yesterday saw the usual Christmas outing to Butts Quarry at Ashover for the now renamed Dave Wilcox Memorial Trial, a fitting tribute to Dave who passed away in May. 1 2 3 4 5 6 A great day out as usual. Stu
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    BSB Test Donington - Knee down

    Not posted for a while so heres a few from the recent test day. 1 2 3 4 5 Stu
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    Donington in the rain, a lot of rain... (B/w)

    Now if you are like me, the best photos when done well are Black and Whites.. What one person might like another may not, but to me a nice very contrasty b/w takes some beating. Last Friday I spent the day at Donington for the European Le Mans Series, the weather, well, terrible for the whole...
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    Race Retro - Slightly Late

    A bit late I'm afraid due to being ill all day Sunday, just could not be bothered to turn the PC on... Conditions were certainly better than last year with the light being virtually perfect all day. A quick selection. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Processing maybe slightly...
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    Car Insurance - Named Driver ?

    Does anyone know the answer please... I am a named driver on my Fathers insurance policy, if he has a temp medical condition which has to be notified to the DVLA and they stop him driving for a period of time, am I still able to drive his car ? Thanks Stu
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    MicroSoft Word Help Req Please.

    Silly question, I hope... Most of the Publishing package I use, Quark, Illustrator, Indesign all allow me to select what size paper I want to print the job to without changing the document size I have set. I can have a document which is A5 and print onto A4, A2, A1 paper etc. Now in Word...
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    Lightning - playing with Silver Efex Pro 2

    As you saw from my other thread I was at the Twilight Reheat Run at Bruntingthorpe just over a week ago. I have been meaning to have a play with NIK Silver Efex Pro 2 for a while. Does this work, have I over done the "grain"?
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    Burners at Bruntingthorpe

    Last Saturday saw a twilight run at Bruntingthorpe with one of the two Lightnings taking part, what a great aircraft they are. Forgive the slightly soft nose, but at 40th sec @ 2.8 it's not bad. Stu
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    Birds of Prey - New to me!

    A very different day out for me, a long way away from my usual motorsport or aviation days. A selection from last weeks day out at the Gauntlet Birds of Prey centre... 1 2 3 4 5 6 Something that I have wanted to try for a long while, and cannot wait for the...
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    A late Race Retro

    A bit late I know, but better late than never. Just a selection from a good day, very wet in the morning and sunny afternoon. 1 2 3 4 5 6 great to see these cars in action. Stu
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    Sauces, the hotter the better. What do you use?

    What with all the ice around recently it was time for a good hot stir fry on Saturday, a few drops of this stuff and the cold had gone. lets see what sauces you recommend
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    When Jason Plato has an Off 1024

    Someone asked if the new layout on the last corner at Donington made a difference, oh yes, one very cheesed of Mr Plato... 1 2 3 4 5 6
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    Superleague - Winner Craig Dolby

    What a great weekend it was for Craig, talking to him on Saturday and he said he had never driven the full GP circuit but was hoping he would be ok. By late Sunday afternoon that smile would take a lot of moving. A perfect start to the season. The names Dolby, Craig Dolby... The...
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    British Motocross Championship - Mallory Park

    Had a great day at Mallory Park for Round 2 of the British Motocross Championship yesterday (Sunday). After rain all day Saturday the going was muddy to say the least, but the course held up and even started to dry during the afternoon. Early morning mist... Next...
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    Garmin & Tom Tom Satnav question.

    Well the time has come for me to get a Sat Nav, but I have a few questions. Is it possible to set a destination by inputting GPS co-ordinates rather than a postcode? And secondly can you plot a route on a Pc inputting waypoints then transfer this to the unit. I had a quick look in my local...
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    Winter Steam in B/W

    A few shots from last weekends Winter Steam Gala at the Great Central Railway. All conversions done through Lightroom 2.5 Probably one of the coldest days I have spent out recently, but it did mean some good smoke and steam so it was worth it.
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    Austin 7's and Mud, Mud and more Mud

    Yesterday was our annual visit to Butts Quarry near Chesterfield for the Pre War Austin 7 Club Winter Trial. The frozen ground and snow which we expected after the recent weather was not to be, it was wall to wall mud. Conditions were "sticky" to say the least, but cars and drivers coped well...
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    Speeding - you could be responsible for other people

    What a joke his is... Just been reading the Motorcycle News Web site and this article surprised me. If you are riding at the front of a group it seems you are responsible for other people speeding...
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    Website Tonight by Go Daddy

    Just wondered if anyone has used Website Tonight by Go Daddy to build their site? I have no experience of web design and this looks pretty straight forward! Comments please. Thanks
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    Fri & Sat at BritCar 500 Silverstone

    What a long two days that was, there at 8.30am Sat and home at 11.30pm, not such a long day on the Fri. Heres a few from 2 days... 1. 2. 3. 4. and a couple late into the evening on Saturday 5. 6.
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    BTCC Rockingham - On Track

    A few shots of the on track action from a great weekend. A flamimg Plato... the usual close racing... how to take a kerb Giovanardi style... nice and tight with Onslow-Cole... check out the front wheel... a slightly better line from Chiton...
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    BTCC Rockingham - On the Grid

    Bit late sorting these out but here we are, on the grid first... track action to follow later...
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    A bit of Diesel Power

    A few hours at the Great Central Railway on Saturday during the autumn gala produced the following... 1 2 3 4 5 6
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    VSCC Donington 5-6th Sept

    Well it was of to Donington at the weekend for the VSCC See Red at 70 event, the last do at the circuit before all the revamp work starts. A great mix of cars and races over the two days, here's a few in no particular order... 1. 2. We had to get a race start 3. Late on Saturday...
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    Donington VSCC Sept 5-6th

    Just a reminder this is the last event at Donington in it's current state, after this meeting the circuit closes for all the redevelopment work to really get started.
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    Lakenheath & Marham 27th July

    My first visit in nearly a year, not too bad a day after a dull start at the Heath. a couple of the based 15's 1 2 nice surprise... 3 4 just after lunch a quick nip up to Marham 5 6 7 8 it was good to get a "mil" fix after so much motorsport...
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    SuperLeague Formula Race Day a Different View

    Seeing as there has been plenty of track shots on various threads here's a few different shots. 1. In the garage 2. Basking in the early morning sun 3. Start of the big money shootout 4. A jubilant John Martin crosses the line 5. Into Park Ferme 6. The winners...
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    SuperLeague Formula - A Wet Saturday

    So this weekend the weather men decide to get it right, rain and boy did it come down in the afternoon. I'm not one to let a bit of water bother me usually, but after getting some rather nice spray shots during the morning session I took refuge in the garages in the afternoon. 1. A slightly...
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    Silverstone Classic World Sports Car Masters

    Each year you just hope for some great light for the evening race on Saturday, this year was no exception and for a while the light was top draw stuff. 1. Pushing the cars to the grid. 2. Quick walk around the grid. 3. Luffield with the sun starting to go behind the granstand...