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    Epson EcoTank Printer Pigment or Dye inks

    Thanks, thats good news
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    Epson EcoTank Printer Pigment or Dye inks

    Hi all Just picked up one of the Cheap Epson Ecotank printers ET-2650 for general none Photo printing and was wondering (Given that I use a CIS on my Photo printer) and have loads of bottles of dye ink, what ink types these printers use. Do they take Pigment or Dye inks. Thanks for any help...
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    Epson & Canon Ink Tank Printers are they locked to the makers own bulk ink

    Hi all A quick question I hope With the current crop of Ink Tank printers from Epson & Canon are you locked into using their inks, is there some form of detection system in use, or can any quality ink be used. My current Epson is getting close to its end of life and I use a CIS on it and have...
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    Photographic equipment dealer in the 70's

    Driving along the motorway it just came to me from the depths of knowhere Pollysales
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    Photographic equipment dealer in the 70's

    Hi all I need to pick some brains, as mine have gone ALL In the 70's and early 80's there used to be a large mail order photographic equipment supplier, based IIRC in Godalming Surrey, they used to produce an A5 catalogue of all those little things needed at the time for photography...
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    Photoshop CC update, interesting new selection tool!

    As far as I know I am updated to the latest version, mine is showing 19.1, what version do you have. Paul
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    Photoshop CC update, interesting new selection tool!

    Hi all What version of Photoshop is the select subject option supposed to be in, I am Running CC 19.1 and have no sign of the tool, is it still only available to developers or should it be available to all subscribers by now. Thanks Paul
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    Alternatives to Lightroom?

    I wonder when the Affinity RAW workflow software will be available, I did read somewhere it's on it's way and if it's priced like their excellent Photo will be well worth a look.
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    Tripod for Macro work

    Benbo Trekker for me, had one for years and its never let me down
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    Legal row over nude photos at 15th century castle

    "inspiration for Walt Disney’s Cinderella Castle" thought that was supposed to ba a castle in Germany not Scotland?
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    lumix g7 to canon adaptor

    How about something like this Not only offers aperture control an AF but also uses the lens OIS if it has it built in and not too bad a price either
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    David Cassidy RIP 21 November 2017

    To quote the Donald "Fake NEWS"
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    Equipment Trolley Recommendations please

    Sellers dimensions are a bit odd This is closer to what I have taken from another seller of the same item Technical data: - Size: (LxWxH) 150cm x 56cm x 63cm - Size container: (LxBxH) 84cm x 44cm x 27,5cm - Ø wheels: 15 cm - max. Load: Up to 100 kg - Material: Steel pipe, nylon
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    Third party ink recommendations

    My last purchase cleaned them out of 6 ink sets, hope they restock as I have used them for years without issues Still the ten sets I bought should last
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    Third party ink recommendations

    Hi Been using ink from for years, very consistent and high quality inks with indistinguishable results from Epsons own. I use their Dye inks and at under £7 for 6 100pml bottles for my CIS is unbeatable. Don't know if they do Pigment inks though as I have never had a...
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    Fuji xt1 bodies at PCWorld

    Hi all My local PCWorld, is selling the Fuji XT1 body for £349, that's the Rochester Kent PC World but might be a national offer. Never did understand why they only ever carried bodies and never carried any lenses, been in a few around here and none ever carried lenses, and all sold the XT1 as...
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    What happened to these Nikon/Canon cameras

    Hi all This is one of those Just Wondering Posts With all the talk going on with the new Nikon D850 which replaced the D810 there are still loads of posts regarding the D750, but almost nothing for the D800, what happened to the D800 did no one buy it, was there something wrong with it? Also...
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    Your favourite locations for Fungi in Kent

    Hi all As it's that time of year for Fungi Photography anyone like to share their favourite location, especially in Kent. I moved here a couple of years ago and not found any good locations, there are plenty of woods but they seem devoid of Fungi What's your favourite location. Thanks Paul
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    Spyder5 Elite giving warm resaults

    I went from the 4 to the 5 a couple of months ago and the only difference I noticed between the two was that my wallet was lighter, profiles were the same. The before and after shots always look very cool on the calibrated section, which is more of an indication of how bright and warm the...
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    Spyder5 Elite giving warm resaults

    Hi Mine is set to 6500 with a brightness value of 80. If you cannot set an exact kelvin figure, (I can't on my ACER) just set it to medium. Paul
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    Milky Way Suffolk

    Thanks, didn't See the Astrotrac bit
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    Contactless card fraud

    Thanks for the heads up Apparently its also possible to use a hand held device to scan your card whilst its still on your wallet or bag. Technically I suppose its possible, but not heard of it being done though
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    Milky Way Suffolk

    318 second exposure, what happened to the 500 rule ;) surly at 318 seconds you would have got star trails?
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    A3 photo Printer Recommendations needed

    Hi all Its looking like its time to update my old Epson 1500W printer which I have used for quite a few years now and have a CIS fitted to keep ink costs down, although its still working well I now feel its time to move to a more capable printer and move to pigment inks from the dye printers i...
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    Equipment Trolley Recommendations please

    Hi I use one of these for my fishing gear, should do the job fine and not too pricey either
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    Now wtf is face book up to?

    What's Facebook :cool:
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    Just switched to M43 from Nikon...

    The only real difference between FF (Most but not all) & m4/3 is if you are shooting at the extremes ie Hi or Low ISO or very fast moving subjects I suspect that in 99% of all images taken you will see no difference. But might enjoy the weight saving As for Oly QC issues, you are not going to...
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    IWM Duxford Friday 22nd Sept

    I hate all of them, but only because the lighting on Sunday was pants and all mine were rubbish ;)
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    Duxford Airshow - 23.09.2017

    Great set of photos. I went on Sunday and most of mine were rubbish. Sky was great till just before the flying started then just went white with clouds. I was also my first show so guess I had something wrong with my settings, but had very little success with sharpness
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    ebay - new terms to the User Agreement

    They once sided with a buyer who claimed none delivery, even though I used a fully tracked royal mail service that showed the parcel was delivered. Apparently saying delivered is not enough, it has to show the actual address it was delivered to. Which Royal Mail and many others don't.