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  1. Hodders

    What colour should I paint?

    Paint three sides grey, 3 sides white. That way you can have a all white or all grey box depending on which way you angle them. A camera can never see more than three sides of a cube (unless there are mirrors/reflections).
  2. Hodders

    Two cameras and Yongnuo triggers. Why won't they work?

    I imagine that the cameras are both focusing and then taking the picture when you press the trigger. The result is as others have said the camera shutters going off at the wrong time. Taking the easy option. Just use the 5d3 record raw to BOTH memory cards one of you gets the cfflash, the...
  3. Hodders

    Umbrella or Softbox - to phtotograph artwork for selling

    I would suggest getting a piece of non-reflective framing glass at A3 and a piece of plywood the same size. Use that to hold the image flat and wait until you have a overcast sky on a dry day. Put the image outside sandwiched between the ply and the glass. Use a tri-pod for the camera (ideally)...
  4. Hodders

    Raid 1 help please

    1st thing - if the array is rebuilding then performance will be SLOW. So that explains that. The causes for an array rebuild are many, if the PC shut down unexpectedly that would cause it. The benefit of raid 1 is that the information should be duplicated on both drives. You could try...
  5. Hodders


    I have a four roll support system in the studio. It works really well and makes changing backdrop a breese. BUT the rolls will sag unless you put them on a metal tube that will not bend under the weight. I have even tried rotating each roll every day I go into the studio, but they still sag...
  6. Hodders

    Laptop 'vs' desktop

    Laptop was on mains. my i5 is quad-core, the i7 was octo-core. The only thing I can think of is the memory bandwidth/disk bandwidth. But I thought those were exactly the things that had improved on laptop chipsets....
  7. Hodders

    Laptop 'vs' desktop

    This is kind of what I was expecting. But I was surprised that a more modern CPU and chipset was so much slower. Exporting raw images from my 5d3 the laptop was twice as slow as the desktop. Really surprising....
  8. Hodders

    Laptop 'vs' desktop

    By brother has just bought a Haswell i7 laptop with 8GB of ram and a ssd/hd disk setup. Pretty top of the line stuff. I run lightroom a lot and really like the idea of moving away from my desktop. So last weekend we ran a set of tests on the same set of images. In each case my desktop was...
  9. Hodders

    Dancer in the shadows

    What flash are you using (speedlites or strobes). They all seemed to have stopped the motion really well. My studio heads would have had blur on quite a few of these. I really want to try some of the new IGBT flashes for teh really fast t0.5 times.
  10. Hodders

    my white backdrop turns out grey in photos

    sianigar. It sounds as though you have really jumped in the deep end. You need to understand the basics of how a camera exposes a subject. How it reacts to flash etc etc. Google strobist101 and start reading - it is an awesome blog
  11. Hodders

    New CC pricing for Photoshop

    The CC model at 8.78 for LR and PS is great value - but there ability and right to raise the price after the 1st 12 months is what scares me. You are being held to ransom with a product for which there is no viable, compatible alternative. Acetone also makes an interesting point about the...
  12. Hodders

    New CC pricing for Photoshop

    You lose access to all the post processing, crops, key wording. Given that light room is all non-destructive, that represents A LOT of stuff to lose. Sure I backup my images, but I also backup the light room catalogue. The latter is what I stand to lose if I ever decide to stop being held to...
  13. Hodders

    New CC pricing for Photoshop

    So great I can get LR5 and PS-CC for 8.78 per month. But Adobe can raise the price any time after the 1st 12 months. At which point I can pay it or cancel. Cancel means lose access to all my back-catalog of image or I can pay the increase FOR EVER until they raise it again. Sorry - but a...
  14. Hodders

    Best Perspex/acrylic width for floor?

    perspex will scratch really fast. If you are trying to get the whole whole floor down then there are better alternatives for example
  15. Hodders

    Recommendations for a 3TB internal hard drive please

    Yup - 1 SSD drive as primary, then a big SATA drive as a data drive. I run 2 2TB drives in Raid 1 on my main studio PC. This is *not* to serve as a backup just to protect me from a single disk failure. Backup is to rotated external disks that sit in caddies allow hot swapping. I would tend to...
  16. Hodders

    Steve Jobs' last portrait sitting

    Not a moment to realise that you've left the camera on AV after you've finished :-)
  17. Hodders

    Shoot through or reflective.Which umbrellas for small home studio?

    If you are shooting in a small space light control becomes just about the most important thing. Shoot throughs and reflective brollies are appalling at that. The light just goes everywhere. I agree with Garry that softboxes are a much better idea - especially ones with decent grids. The...
  18. Hodders

    Crooked Imaging Review - Poor service

    The last contact was an email sent last Thursday night. That has given them 6 days to respond. What if the email has been spammed ? I would still try to give them a phone call to make sure they had received it.
  19. Hodders

    A3 size neg needs to be scanned - where? / Who ?

    It wouldnt work on a normal scanner as you need the light through it not bounced off it. Does anybody have such a thing as an A3 scanner with a film/transparency attachhment ?
  20. Hodders

    A3 size neg needs to be scanned - where? / Who ?

    I have a friend who swears blind that she has an a3 size negative that she wants to get scanned. It seems huge to me unless it has been made as an interneg or something. Anyway can anybody recommend somewhere she can get it scanned ?
  21. Hodders

    Abstract patterned light on background

    LOL On a more serious note I have though about trying to use something like an old overhead projector with teh bulb replaced with a speedlight. Put whatever you want on the projector and have it be the background.
  22. Hodders

    Lens scratch?

    As has been said - look through lenses not at them. I tiny mark will make very little difference, heck you can cover half the front element and still take OK images.
  23. Hodders

    AF points!

    This all assumes you have a body with outer AF points that work in low light. I get these issues a lot with my 5D2. I often and up cropping the final images to get the composition I want. One of the reasons I really want a 5D3 !
  24. Hodders


    1stly the canon manual actually does a pretty good job of explaining. But in brief: One Shot - focuses when you half press the shutter. Holds that focus until you take the shot. AI Focus - Same as above *BUT* if it thinks the subject has moved before you fully press the shutter it will...
  25. Hodders

    Lost Images - D7000 & SanDisk Extreme

    I guess this is why pro bodies have dual card slots... Although to be honest I have never had an issue.
  26. Hodders

    Why dont studio strobes use speedlight technology ??

    Just occurred to me as I looked at the shots from my latest childrens portrait session. Yet again some of the jumping about shots suffer from motion blur due to the flash duration from my studio strobes. Speed lights have much shorted flash durations. Why don't studio strobes use speed...
  27. Hodders

    Paper background

    I've done this as well - works fine.... Also give the off cut to a local primary school or nursery - they love that sort of thing !
  28. Hodders

    Canon 100mm macro lens L vs non-L

    Don't forget the 100mm is also a great prime in its own right. IS is always nice to have. I went through the same decision making process and ended up with the L-IS.
  29. Hodders

    octabox as background

    When I set up my hilite I meter at the surface with the meter pointing at the hilite. The reasons are these: 1) I am photographing the hilite and want it *just* blown. 2) If I set an exposure for the hilite to just blow, I can photograph it at 4 feet, or 30 feet and it will still be blown. 3)...
  30. Hodders

    Print Disappointment

    I have ordered 100s of prints from DSCL. I use a calibrated Dell U2410 save with a sRGB profile and always specify "Uncorrected Pro Only" print option with DSCL. Never had a bad print back yet !