buachaille etive mor

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    Glencoe - Alpine Winter style

    I thought I'd post a closer to home series to celebrate what is coming Friday at 11pm :D Along the West Highland Way... _DSC3044 - Version 4 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr A Foggy Dawn on Tulla _DSC2950 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr An old Favourite given a spruce up for 2020 _DSC2967 (1) by...
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    The Buachaille

    The Buachaille by David Young, on Flickr Not really a landscape photographer - I can count the amount of times I've used a tripod for still photography on my fingers - would be rude to not take a pic here at least once in my life though.
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    Critique So I am a little bit obsessed with Buachaille Etive Mor

    Been busy reprocessing some older shots. All of these were composed around a 2:1 crop but as tastes evolve so do ones choices of aspect ratio and the near letter box look doesn't appeal quite so much as it once did. May 2017 Here's a 5x4 - I'd have liked 4x3 but when trying to crop I couldn't...
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    Some local images (Glencoe) from the last couple of weeks

    Picked a very still day for these and even then I needed a few exposures to get a complete static set of grasses (on the embankment). I used a long exposure to smooth out any slight ripples in the river so only the calmest of moments gave me the chance to get everything (and I mean everything )...
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    Critique Some recents from Glencoe

    I spent a most wonderful Sunday evening (between rain showers and gusts of wind at the Torren Lochan). There were some moments where the water was not still due to rain and horrible wind but the rain had the most welcome effect of clearing the air so the clarity was just wonderful after the...
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    Three from this week in Glencoe

    Finally summer is here. It's no secret it's my favourite time of year so it was high time I headed out to enjoy the fine weather. It's still a little brown on the Moors so I chose compositions around this. First up is a lovely little fall on the River Coe - very little light about but the sky...
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    Glencoe Sunrise - One from a recent workshop.

    I grabbed these on a recent workshop last week. Once I got my client comfortable and ready for what was one of the best mornings I ever saw I couldn't resist a few shots and the client wanted a few demonstration shots on how I work. Whilst I don't shoot time lapses (I really should) I do like...
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    Spring season in Glencoe

    Another throw back series as I work my way through some old images... Lochan Na Fola x2 _DSC2661 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr _DSC2673 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr Buachaille Etive Mor _DSC2686 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr Torren Lochan x 2 _DSC2701 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr _DSC2710...
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    Wintery scenes in Glencoe

    Technically this is Autumn but it was cold enough to be winter...a square crop of one from earlier this year _DSC3877 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr I've shown this scene as a 2:1 countless times, however I came across an old card and found one I took at a slightly longer FL which I probably did...
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    Summer in Glencoe - an assortment of images

    Been putting off working on this shot for a while - it's not my best of the summer from there. The light never really came through and this glimmer the only light of the day - shame really as the sky was epic and had it come through it would have been one of the all time great mornings...
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    Critique Glencoe in this wonderful weather

    The weather has been incredible over the last couple of weeks. Here are a few shots taken during what has been the best spell of weather since May which was also pretty awesome. This summer has to the best one I can recall and such a treat after such a long, horrible and drawn out winter...
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    Sunset at Buchaille Etive Mor

    Last Monday night I had a delightful time shooting reflections of this wonderful mountain at sunset. The shot is taken from a waterpool near the start of the Devils Staircase. Other than the fact it was a little hazy this was one of the best evenings out I've had in a long long time. When I...
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    Buachaille Etive Mor

    Here's a few pictures from Glencoe last Monday. The weather was terrific, lovely and still and the light came through. I am glad to say finally the grasses are turning a little greener as summer finally turns up again. The sky turned vividly pink just before sunrise. _DSC3207 by Stephen...
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    Sunrise in Glencoe

    Found an old memory card last week and found some images from the late Autumn of 2015 going into the start of winter - some of them I processed and some I overlooked. Tastes change and evolve in time and I decided to download them off the card again and work them without looking at the...
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    The Buachaille - Autumn and Summer.

    I make no secret of not caring for winter and spring and instead prefer summer and autumn to take pictures. The exception is when the snow comes in winter and covers the landscape, I do like that, but that's alas few and far between in the months of November to April. I've been reworking images...
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    Critique Glencoe: Winter 2017

    A while back I posted a series of B&W renditions of my trip(s) to Glencoe. Here are the colour ones Black Rock Cottage _DSC1609_Rendition 1 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr Frozen Falls - I hadn't intended on taking this picture but when I saw the frozen falls I new I had too. It's not the...
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    Critique Snow in Glencoe

    Was up there a couple of weeks back. I couldn't make it up the Saturday when the sunrise was really colourful but hoped for the same on the Sunday. It wasn't to be. At least it gave me a chance to try my new 20mm F1.8 out. Prefer it already to the 16-35 which I may well end up selling. I...
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    Critique Sunrise at that mountain in Glencoe

    _DSC1476 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr _DSC1485 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr Two from Friday morning when I took someone for a workshop up there. We got lucky that morning for sure.
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    Critique Glencoe over the last two weeks

    Loch Ba _DSC1352 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr Torren Lochan _DSC0823 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr The Buachaille _DSC0760 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr Loch Tulla _DSC1428 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr
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    Critique Buachaille Etive Mor: Round the Back

    I've been spending a lot of evenings down at the Torren Lochan and up here at Lagangarbh. Normally I shoot the cottage and the reflection of the Buachaille in a still water pool. Indeed I did this as I have done many times before a couple of weeks back. _DSC0314 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr...
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    Critique Buachaille Etive Mor

    First Light from the River Etive _DSC0287 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr Later on from a small water pool _DSC0302 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr It's a lovely time of year with the moorland finally turning green after months of being that brown depressing dead colour. Also with early sunrises...
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    Critique Torridon...via Glencoe

    The last weeks weather has been amazing. Lovely clear azure blue skies. I know the established norm in landscape photography is clear blue skies are bad for taking photographs but I disagree. In this part of the world they are almost certainly a rarer event than stormy skies, or the dark "moody"...
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    Critique Glencoe - some pastel shades

    I posted some very similar shots back in november but these are subtly different in tones and light as they were taken a few minutes apart. I am in Glencoe later today and tomorrow. The Buachaille _DSC4018 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr Loch Ba _DSC4147 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr
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    Critique Glencoe and Rannoch Moor: Finally some snow

    After the disaster which was Sunday/Monday with the failed memory card I decided to get back out there with a fresh memory card on Wednesday/Thursday to see what I could come up with. Dawn at the Buachaille: _DSC4013 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr First light was not disappointing but snow all...
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    Critique Three from Glencoe

    I had someone in last Monday for a half day workshop in the morning. I didn't manage to get many images of my own taken for the obvious reason was I was teaching someone and showing them the sites. They wanted to go the "spot" where the silver birch sits by the falls with the view to the...
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    Critique Autumn in Glencoe

    Autumn colours in Glencoe Lochan. This was taken on a clients workshop last week. Sadly the ducks in the Lochan meant the reflection isn't ripple free. _DSC9811 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr This is one in Glencoe Lochan I took the week before. _DSC9499 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr This was...
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    Critique A few from Glencoe and Rannoch Moor: Reprocessed images from last November

    As per the last thread I've been spending some time reprocessing old images. Its brought about some minor improvements and rectified a few technical flaws I found. Recropped a few as time moved on the composition jarred me a little. I hope you enjoy the series as much as I enjoyed reliving the...