Acylic mounting - Anyone tried this?

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Very hard to do well - the adhesive you need to use is very expensive - and the press to apply is £800+

And the acrylic is very prone to static - so it attracts dust - which shows up badly....

Unless you have an uberclean room - a couple of grand for the kit I wouldn't try...

Many of the companies who do this print directly onto the acrylic - and as the substrate doesn't bend, the printers are very very very expensive - you probably wouldn't believe the cost...
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Its quite a simple process the image is printed onto clear s/a vinyl
and applied to the acrylic it can either be applied to the face or printed
in mirror and applied to the back of the perspex.
pop into your local signmakers if they have a digital printer the cost
should'nt be more than £30 for 1mtr square of print either onto clear
or white, it can be a mix of prints in different sizes, they usually have
offcuts of clear Perspex/acrylic that they will happily sell at a resonable price.
we are fortunate in having a laser machine so we can cut the pespex to size
and it polishes the edges, also cuts the fixing holes.

The fixings can be bought here