Help! Admin - could we have a section for fashion photography?

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There is a section for nude & glamour and then we have portrait and people but no fashion, is there no interest?


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well - first off, certainly on the former forum softeware we HAD to have a separate section for N&G because to enforce age restrictions on access it needed to be entirely seperate.
We also ensure that any images on N&G aren't displayed on the forum front page, unlike the rest of the sharing forum areas.

But the real kicker is this - we're actually aware that certain areas of the forum have a pretty low occupancy rating - every time we have discussions about the forum, basically, we're approaching it more from the point of view of "which forum areas can we combine and improve the footfall..." rather than "how can we fragment the forum even more".

what COULD be a potential solution is if we added a "FASHION" header label (like the HELP! one selected in this post) so people could see at a glance what the content was - and use the "filter" option at the bottom of each of the forum topic lists to just see what they're interested in. We do this quite successfully in the Classifieds section for the non Canon/Nikon hardware and it certainly works well there...

I dunno - maybe post a bunch of your fashion stuff, see if it encourages others - it might just be the shot in the arm that the people stuff areas needs...
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