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    Amazing conditions on Easter Sunday. Lovely clear blue skies and mirror still water. Shame about the patches of ice as it was a really cold morning but the clarity of the air was fantastic. The lack of clouds meant the light fell perfectly but there was no colours in the sky other than the lovely azure blue you see

    [​IMG]_DSC2309 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr

    [​IMG]_DSC2328 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr

    Such mornings are far more common in the Alps than they are on Skye so these were a treat.

    I explored some other Lochans around the area but the cloud came in and the light was harsher.

    [​IMG]_DSC2369 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr

    4 more weeks and it will be turning green up there. I cannot wait :D

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