Anyone want an apprentice for a day?

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As you've all probably gathered by now, I'm a beginner looking to improve. I'm in the South London area and just wondering if I could join anyone on a lightweight shoot sometime for the experience.

It wouldn't be for a couple of weeks as I'm working solidly for a few days and then going away for a week (Budapest/Vienna/Prague).

As well as the shoot I'd also be interested to see some post-processing, maybe by taking copies of a RAW file or two and seeing if I could get the same results you did.

Anyway, I'm a friendly chap and I love to learn new things. If anyone's nearby and feeling kind just say when and where and I'll try to keep the time free to join you.

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ooohhh there was some talk of a studio jaunt some time ago, but Arkady the member in question is away often so he pops in as and when, wait and see if anyone else answers this...


Its a shame I am "up north" otherwise I would have been willing to have a day out and about with you.

There are a few of us that are planning to meet up to go to Chester zoo sometime this summer, I know its a long way to come but if you get no offers closer to home it may be worth the effort?

There is a thread in the Ideas and suggestions forum about this, keep an eye on it as to when it does finally get arranged.