Review Art Plus Digital Photo Recovery 2.3

Gerald Davies
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I thought I give a quick review of a useful piece of software.

Art Plus Digital Photo Recovery 2.3 is a free download from It can recover jpeg, tif and most raw files from any type of memory card.

Having tested Art Plus Digital Photo Recovery 2.3, it recovered all the raw photo's on my camera card, some of them as far back as August, with the card having been formatted on several occasions. Formating done on camera so not sure if this is a quick format, which just deleted all the files, or fully formats the card.

It uses a wizard, for you to tell it where to recover the files from and where to store them. These are the only 2 steps in the recovery process as the software then sweeps the card for all image files that it can recover.

I have an Olympus camera, so my raw files are ORF files, which Art Plus recovered without any problems. I would assume that the more popular camera manufacturers raw files would be covered.

It recovered 143 raw files from a 2gb card in approximately 45 minutes.

It also claims to recover from corrupted storage cards as well. I have no damaged cards so was unable to test this claim.

This is a very easy piece of software to use and is compatible with all windows version from 95 to XP.

The major downside of Art Plus Digital Photo Recovery 2.3 is that it is not supported in anyway from the manufacture as it is a freebie, but they do ask for donations and take the opportunity to advise their other software, which are chargeable.

Overall, I will be quite happy to use the piece of software, as it pretty much does what it says on the tin. Of the files recovered, I tested 10 and only one of these I could not open and it was a fairly old photo, one of the first taken with the card.