Canon Pixma 5750

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Hi All
Before taking the plunge into a large outlay for a pro printer, I have purchased the Canon Pixma 5750.
For a printer that will not break the bank, the results are surprisingly good.
The trouble I am having is trying to print Panoramics.
I have Fotospeed PF Lustre, 210mm x 594mm @275 gsm.
In the set up it is allowing me to, and accepting the paper sizes, as a custom size, but on printing, it is not coming out the size required.
Frustrating to say the least.
Any help would be most grateful.
Canon website help is not very good.
Thanks in anticipation
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Hi Keith and welcome to TP

I think you need to provide more details:-
Just what is wrong about the print being produced in regard to your setting up/creating a custom size of paper?

In what are you setting up the custom size ~ the printer interface or your editing program print function?

In regard to the file you are sending to print. What are its pixel dimensions and at what resolution (is it at 300ppi) are you saving it?