Canon Pro 1000


A jolly good egg!
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Does anyone have any experience with the Canon Pro-1000?

I'm looking for a large format photo printer to produce competition prints.
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It looks yummy :)

My only concerns would be :-
- No roll feed.
- Max length 647mm which would preclude me printing some of the silly panoramas I can print on my Epson.
- 80ml tanks are a bit small for a printer this big (37p/ml) in my opinion...

My Epson has given me a few scares over the last few months so I had a close look at the Canon. However if/when it breaks I think I made the decision to go for the Epson P5000. Yes it's more expensive but the running costs would be cheaper (28p/ml) and I do print from a roll quite a bit. I've just started shooting 6x6 negatives, so printing A2/A3+ would involve chucking paper away. With a roll, I can print 16x16 without wastage.

So I guess YMMV :) If roll printing isn't important, and you don't do panoramas, and maybe you have less desk space, then this would be a super choice. However if it was me, I'd probably be comparing with the significantly cheaper Epson P600 which I think does 14" (?) thus A2 would be out, but A3+ would be in. There are a few P600 owners here to confirm.