Canon Pro 10s - Mac Mojave 10.14.

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I know a lot of people have had problems installing this printer on a mac running Mojave, I did too but I managed to get around it after a lot of head scratching and searching.

The main problems are the instructions or rather lack of them and the combined software package/driver on the canon uk site.

NB this is for wireless set up.

1- Make sure you've removed all packaging, fitted the print head and inks.

2 - Press the wifi button on the front of the printer until the power light blinks once, go to your router then press and hold down the WPS button, the lights on the printer will flash to confirm its connected.

3 - On your mac go to "system preferences > Printers & scanners, on the left hand side under printers click the small plus sign, click on "Canon PRO-10S series Canon ij network then click add on the bottom right.
The printer is now connected to your network.

4 - Download the combined printer driver/software package from canon, mount it, run it and follow the instructions in the software for wireless set up, it will install the driver and all the software but if you're running a newer version of Photoshop or Lightroom you won't find the Canon Print Shop Pro plug in has been installed and at least in my case wasn't showing as available in the software package.
Go to where you will find the latest version of Print Shop Pro, read the installation info on the page then download and instal it.

Your Pro 10s should now work perfectly on your Mac Mojave machine.

The quality of prints this machine produces is nothing short of stunning, its been worth the effort, but get some one to help you move it, it weighs in at 20kg!!