2016 Creative Photographer of the Year - Results

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We are proud to announce the results of the


Congratulations to our Winner


An enormous amount of creative thought has gone into this image. There is so much detail from the pistachio shell fish & ginger rocks to the mushroom jelly fish and, my particular favourite, the onion ring bubbles. All of this would have been an aside had the photographic technique let it all down but it has been well lit and, importantly, sharp.​

A lot of thought and planning has gone into this shot and its execution is of a high standard. The lighting is also very good, leaving very few shadows or high spots in the shot. Well done!​

The 'Creative' section seems to have caused the most confusion with several images not quite fitting the category, its the same at Camera Club level too. Creative here though is simple, nothing about this image existed until the author's mind went into overdrive and created it. That its also done so well and with so much imagination makes it the stand out winner for me​

In 2nd Place is


I've always liked this style of image. To have so little in shot but still keep the viewers eye engaged is difficult but achieved with great success here. I can't see any obvious PS work so it's to the photographers credit that they saw the potential in the scene and nailed it. Compositionally it could have all gone wrong but having the interest on the bottom third works well in this context.​

Creativity is often something in the mind that then gets executed. Many people may not have ‘seen’ this photo in its end form but here the simplicity with lots of empty space works to its advantage. The processing of the fencing and then using greyscale all build to complete a very strong end result.​

Just as our winner chose to add things to be creative this image works by the removal of detail & details that really makes it a stand out graphic image, taking the 'Less is More' idea to the nth degree. Is it a 'straight' shot taken on a murky day after a lot of rain or a highly processed shot with huge amounts of 'stuff' removed and mirrored photoshopping? Who cares! The fact is that it works very well, as does placing the fence in the lower part of the image. A merest gripe is that the line of the fence isn't level, but that's a minor tweak to improve an already simply stunning & stunningly simple image​

And in 3rd place is


Brilliant image and use of PS. Had the lighting of the matchbox not matched that of the sleeping child this would have looked all wrong but some good planning by the photographer avoided that. I have called Social Services though. I don't care if they're safety matches look at the size of them!​

The first look at this photo shows a box of matches but then the sleeping child becomes clearer. When you look back, it is the lighting on both parts of the composite image being aligned making this possible. I also like that the saturation and tones are very close making it even more convincing as a single shot. Overall a clever image that has been well executed.​

The 'trick' with composite images is to ensure that all the tonal qualities and lighting are consistent to make the final image seem believable as a single image even when we know it can't be, and that's what really adds to the impact of this image for me; that and that overall its another simple design that just works. Impressive PP skills​
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