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CS6 and one of the awesome new filters

Discussion in 'Talk Post Processing and Image Editing' started by Morph3ous, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. Morph3ous


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    I was creating some panoramas and I was struggling with one due to wide angle distortion. I then stumbled across a tutorial on the new Adaptive Wide Angle filter built into CS6. I have to say, its really very good and has made me consider the upgrade from CS5 even more.

    Here is a snap shot of the best I could manage with the panorama mode alone. Not great.

    Wide Angle 1 by Minnis Photography, on Flickr

    ...and here it is after some Adaptive Wide Angle magic...

    Wide Angle 2 by Minnis Photography, on Flickr

    ...and the final image after some levels, saturation and sharpening.

    Panorama 3 by Minnis Photography, on Flickr
  2. StewartR

    StewartR Advertiser

    Stewart (duh)
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    You shouldn't need to use this filter to correct a panorama. The problem was that you hadn't created the panorama properly in the first place.

    This same issue came up recently and I put together a detailed answer. That thread is here: [click].

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