Review Epson P 3000

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Wanted to replace my laptop when I go abroad saw the review on the Canon mp30 and 80 in the canon mag in jan and thought "great" where do I sign up...
I can still not get an answer from Canon when they will be released, so thought ok... sod you I'll have the Epson.

First impressions are good, its got simple controls, easy to navigate menu's and the screen is a nice size and good quality.

Its got 40Gig storage as opposed the the canon pm30 with 30gig

Card back up time is fast, less than 1 min for 1gig of pictures approx 350files.

Viewing and sorting is easy.

Everything on the P3000 seems simple, I've yet to read the manual... which is also quite small for a "gadget"!
Really pleased with my choice so far.

Epson review here

Good first impressions
Good Price (Warehouse Express £299 for P3000 big jump to P5000 (80 gig) £449))
Nice and simple to use
Quick backup process and speed.
Good screen
Plays music and Films also...
Looks nice too.