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    I had an afternoon in Exmouth, knowing the sky was too clear for a good sunset, but some very nice light nonetheless.

    Tide coming in bit still fairly low. There were quite a few kitesurfers out enjoying the sun and breeze, and paragliders launching off the hill behind the beach.

    [​IMG]Exmouth by Jannyfox, on Flickr

    The Geoneedle on Orcombe Point, marking the west end of the Jurassic Coast

    [​IMG]Exmouth by Jannyfox, on Flickr

    Back at the beach, now the tide's in, and still coming in. I got all set up and a couple walking their dogs walked in front of me (what is it with people?). Then I had to move as unlike the dog walking couple I didn't have wellies on. Get set up again, about to press the button and the tripod leg sinks in the sand (guess who left the snowshoes at home). Get level again, manage to press the button without anything moving and get two bootfulls of sea water............. The sight of me grabbing the tripod and bolting out of the surf with soggy trousers probably gave the doggy walkers a giggle.

    [​IMG]Exmouth by Jannyfox, on Flickr
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    Last two for mew,Jan. My favourite is the second one. Nice low angle on the last one.
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