Favourite shots from 2018

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Well I had an absolutely fantastic year in 2018, the weather was amazing and managed so many fantastic shows... Here's a very small selection of my favourites from this last year;

1) Voodoo/Steve Hinton Jr. After the Sunday show at Planes of Fame, Chino, Voodoo was taxied up to the VIP area. I know Steve-o somewhat well and have covered the record attempt from 2017 with him, and I really just like this candid shot of man and machine. I also managed to shoot this aircraft and it's oppo, Strega, air to air on the Friday beforehand. Unfortunately I can't post the photos to social media, however you can see a few of them here.

Steve Hinton Jr, Voodoo
by Harry Measures, on Flickr

2) Following Chino was a trip to France for the show at La Ferte Alais, and on the Thursday beforehand we were treated to some very memorable flying from the based Skyraider. Certainly impressive seeing an aircraft of its size and perceived (lack of) agility being thrown around in such a fashion!

by Harry Measures, on Flickr

3) One of the many restorations to make an appearance last year was Shuttleworths MkV Spitfire AR501, captured here in some fantastic evening light.

by Harry Measures, on Flickr

4) Rolling along to Flying Legends, I always enjoy doing some reportage style images of the pilots. Captured here, Andy Durston, Steve Hinton Jr and Patrice Marchasson brief under the P-40C.

by Harry Measures, on Flickr

5) The newly restored PRXI Spitfire bursts into life for the Sunday Spitfire Scramble

John Romain, L
by Harry Measures, on Flickr

6) Richard Grace bringing the freshly restored White 9 back into land - always hairy watching the Buchons land back on!

by Harry Measures, on Flickr

7) My first time at the Victory Show at Cosby, really enjoyed it. Great to catch so much heavy metal in great light and close quarters - the 'Jug even landed on!

by Harry Measures, on Flickr

8) Finally - A friend in a (at the time) newly acquired mount. I still don't know how this shot came out as well as it did - I was in the back seat of the Cessna shooting on live view!

Simon Wilson, Bucker Bestmann
by Harry Measures, on Flickr

If you've made it this far, thanks for looking!

Have a great new year,