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Hello Gals and Guys.
Recently I bought a new camera and first time I take photography a little bit more serious. I am from Kent, Maidstone.
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You might find this useful Dischi, if you already know about it please forgive me.

Personal images and how to achieve them;

Go out with your camera and walk, it doesn't matter where, make sure though that you can repeat it.
The first time take pics of the obvious, the postcard snaps that spring immediately to mind, just snap without thinking about it too much.
The second time you go you cannot take these and will have to look a bit more carefully
You will notice that the light changes the third, fourth, and every other time after that and what you may have walked past previously will be lit in a way that attracts your eye.

Now the bit that really matters, once you have 50+ images look through them to find a pattern, a theme or a thread that you can pursue. Don't worry if nothing occurs to you straightaway, it is often the case that something will pop into your mind when thinking about something else entirely.

This process can be continued for the rest of your photographic life, it will never ever let you down :)