Getting photo from LR to on-line printer

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Hello all

Newbie question here !

I am going to try printing a couple of my images - just for personal use.

I've looked on this forum and have decided to use DS Colour Labs as they have a good reputation. I've gone onto the website, choose the size/finish and am ready to now add my photos from Lightroom.

How do I ensure that I add the edited version ? Do I have to export or can I just click on Add and then select the image from within the folder ?

Hope that makes sense !
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I would export the image from Lightroom in the format DSCL need it in (tiff or jpeg presumably?). I used to have a "To Print" folder that I'd pull to the DSCL website from. Setup the Export to send the file to that folder and it's easy to upload them to DSCL. Once you've set it up and stored it ("DSCL Export" is a good name), you just need to right click & Export on any images going for print and you're done.

If you select Add (on the DSCL website gui?) then go to the folder, then add the image, it may or may not work depending on...
- Your edits are actually stored as instructions within Lightroom. The original image is never physically altered, so it's highly likely you'll be sending the un-edited version for print.
- If your image files are raw or tiff, DSCL won't be able to do anything with them anyway (can't remember if they take tiffs or it has to be jpeg)