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    We were lucky to see one of the highlights of the weekend during our visit on Friday 6 October. The published timetable and the booklet promised us that Standard 5MT 73156 would be makimg its debut on that day.


    It was due to appear hauling one of the morning trains at 1130, but failed to do so. Just as we were about to leave in the afternoon we heard a rumour that it would actually be pulling the next "UP" train which left Loughborough at 1515. At just after 1530 we could see it coming down the track towards Rothley Station where we were. It was worth the wait to see it back at work after 50 years!


    As you can see from the picture, it was not alone, double headed with Standard 9F 92214 - which explains the smoke from behind the tender - just in case of any mishap.

    Great to see another steam engine resurrected from the scrap heap! Well done to all who worked so hard to achieve this.
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    Great to see indeed! Hoping to see it at the ELR on one of the Steam Gala's soon!

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