Is there a compact, portable, all-in-one printer/scanner?

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Hi folks!

I wondered if anyone could make a recommendation please...

As I live all summer on the road (hence not getting onto TP 1/10th as much as I'd like due to normally being lumbered with a 2G internet signal...) I am after a highly-portable, ultra-compact all-in-one scanner/printer.

The printing I do is NOT prints (I'd rather get these done properly in a lab) but simply letters, documents, and possibly the odd 'fun' print where quality is not of primary importance.

Guess I'm looking at about 200 smackers, but could go higher if it's worth it and under £100 is of course better.

If anyone has a recommendation or at least could tell me where to start looking I would be deeply grateful.

Cheers all! (y)