Jon's 2019 52- Week 5; Cold

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Those are both very nice landscapes - I guess if I were picky about them in that genre there are crops that might be worth trying, but as pano's and particularly for the theme, I think they are excellent. Looks like a real good lens. Of the two shots, I struggle to pick a preference.
As mentioned above both nice and it’s hard to pick one over the other but I am leaning to the second one
Either one of these great images Jon for cold, both really are crackers but if I had to pick it would be the second image.
Thanks guys, I ended up posting the first one in the main thread as I preffered the light in that one.

Two lovely cold landscapes. I’m sitting on the fence as both are equally as good.

What lovely views - our little bit of snow was pretty much gone by the time I got out to see it at the weekend! I liked them both the same at first glance, but on further viewing I'm leaning towards the second one because of the more interesting sky and the thicker and more textured snow in the foreground. The crop is a good choice for both.

Sorry to hear about your lens - is it repairable?
Thanks, I ended up going with the first one, as mentioned above. A bit of superglue should fix the lens, it only cost me 20 quid, but it's one of my sharpest lenses.

They both look very good to me (I wish I could take a good landscape photo). They both show the Cold theme.

They are both great landscapes, like many others I am struggling for a favourite for sure. But the mountains on the second just add that little extra.
I just wish the light hqd been bette for the second shot.

Super landscapes Jon, both very good indeed.(y)

The first image is fab....wonderful light, great colours and jolly nice composition.
I think I also prefer the second image however.
It seems more desolate and bleak, which for me makes it all the more compelling!
Also I love the tree you placed just off centre....very nice, and fits the theme perfectly.
Thanks, Gareth. I much preferred the content of the second shot, but preferred the light in the second.

As others have said, both excellent landscape shots. I'm with Andrea, the sky is more interesting in the second so that would be my choice.
Thanks, Bob, all the comments are indicating I should have posted the second shot in the main thread!

I like them both. They certainly speak 'cold'

I like the second better and think that a real letterbox crop would look great on it, taking most of the snow out and focusing on the browns for colour and giving the background more emphasis, but that is only my opinion

Very nice images
Thanks, Ian, will try out that crop.


Open, Plants, Nice green colour DOF is so very shallow and point of focus is a problem. Mouth, this is a nice shot, just enough detail for the theme, colours really help, hope your appointment went well.

Distant, perfect for the theme, lots of details and focus is spot on.

Cold, 2 very good images, very sharp, nice winter colours, difficult to choose, but the 2nd, no the 1st one, heck both are as good.

Thanks for the comments!

Two great shots mate. I’m leaning towards the second one as it gives an impression of isolation and the contrast in colours is great. Also I like that everything is in focus.
Thanks Garry.

It’s the first one for me Jon, it just has such a lovely light, but they are both beautiful.
Thanks Susie

There is no way I can choose between the two images.
well, if pushed, maybe #2 *maybe*, it has an old photo feel.
Another vote for the second one, I definitely should have posted that in the main thread!