Just Curious

I'll never go back to film, too restricting for me.
Not here either, although I would as a last resort, but I haven't used film for about 4 years now. At about £8 a roll inlcuding developing, I'd hate to think how much money it would have cost me for the 15000+ shots I've done in that time. :shock:
i have to confess ive never used a film camera
I have a feeling that on an online forum you are fairly likely to get people saying they use digital :).

I myself used film cameras when I were ickle, but since my family bought a digital one, I haven't touched a film camera. Now I'm at Uni, I have recently bought myself a digital camera, and as others have said, it is exceedingly cheap, and you can mess around soo much with stuff.

Erm, short answer, No :)

I started out on a film SLR. Got dispondant after sending in a film and only getting a couple of good ones back. Not an issue with Digital. So much more freedom to experiment. :D
I used film until this time last year.

I wouldn't mind another film SLR (Something a little differant like an EOS RT) but don't really think i'd use it.

I don't miss the 3 hour negative scanning sessions, not to mention the £10 for every 36 shots.
The last time I touched rolls of 35mm was a riot :D

I found 5 old rolls in the back of a cupboard, so i placed them on a fence and spent a wee while taking pot shots at them with an air rifle..........best laugh i'd had from film for years.

My father in law on the other hand will not renounce film and jump on the good ship digital........mad as a box of frogs i say !!!
i still shoot film :shock:

i have a Canon A1 sureshot underwater camera which is abosolutly fantastic for the beach and snorkeling , it is also snow and rain proof, lol, great for the british weather,

i also have an olympus mju zoom 115, it cost me £200 about 5 years ago and is a fantastic little compact with great optics, and a powerfull zoom
i also push films through my nikon F601 and F60 SLR's, just for the fun of it, lol

now i need a semi-decent negative scanner so i can get em on the screen

MyPix :wink:

as I thought really. Was just curious.

Odd thing is... until last year, I was still shooting 6x7.. but thenb realised that after processing, the first thing I did was to scan it anyway... so what's the point. Capture is getting better and better, and unless I was used to shooting 5x4 all the time, what the hell was I gaining, except a big fat wait while the processing was done, and expense too of course. Photoshop I've been using for years of course, but i truly do now think that film is dead. I don;t even have to get rid of my RB6x7s.. cos you can get a digital back for them. There's no excuse really is there, and with recent price drops on stuff like the D70, it makes perfect sense.

My advice is to sell whatever film equipment you have while it's still worth something, cos pretty soon you won';t be able to give it away.
No, I finally returned to photography when digital matured.
I became disillusioned by film and the rather unpredictable developing standards offered by the labs. The spiralling costs and my total lack of experience in the area of film developing put me of photography for a long time.

Thank god for technology and digital :)
Still use a Leica M6 and a Nikon F5 for personal work and fun pix, though I'm selling my large and medium format kit and a second Leica body. Hasselblad's gone as has the Sinar 5x4. Still trying to offload the Pentax 67 and M6TTL.
Oh and I have a JOBO ATL 1500 autolab if anyone's interested, or knows of a college somewhere in need of film processing facilities...

My shiny new pair of NIKON D2x's arrive next month!!!!!