Lightroom CC/Classic/edit in ps workflow

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Trying to figure out if there is a preference setting I’ve missed or if this is limitation of the workflow.

I have CC with 1tb on iMac and iPad. and Classic on iMac.
I Import pics into CC (either in iMac or iPad) and originals are uploaded into the cloud and are automatically stored onto an external drive as per setting in CC on my iMac.
In Classic this then syncs and downloads the original again onto another external drive as per settings in Classic

This is perfect - as it gives me all my pics, synced between iPad and iMac, with 3 copies of the original, 2 on Hdd's and 1 in the cloud, and I can import on iMac or iPad and all works the same.

The issue is.. round tripping into photoshop.
From Classic - I edit in PS, I click save and close and the pic is saved onto my Classic HDD and this then syncs to the cloud, so shows up fine in CC on iPad and iMac.
However - as the pic is only effectively created and added to LR via Classic, it only uploads a smart preview. Which then breaks the whole fairly secure backup process of having 3 copies of the original.

It works ok if I round trip from CC on my iMac - but with much more limited options and ideally, the point is to not really use CC on my iMac, it just sits there are does the sync/backups.

Im looking for a pref on Classic to say 'upload original' not 'smart previews only', but it doesn't appear to exist.

Anyone work in a similar way or overcome this issue?
Or any better solutions?

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