Llangollen Spring Steam Gala 2018

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With a marked contrast in weather conditions since my last trip out, I thought I'd give this event a try on Saturday afternoon. I found a manual SMC-Pentax 50mm f1.7 lens on the car boot sale last year, so instead of using the normal kit zoom I decided to wander around the station with that lens on. It did remind me how much further away I need to be, so it made a bit of a change to have to plan stuff better, or take different shots than I would normally have done.

1. Not a steam loco

by Mike Edwards, on Flickr

2. Bogies! (sorry...)

by Mike Edwards, on Flickr


by Mike Edwards, on Flickr

4. New(ish) and old

by Mike Edwards, on Flickr


by Mike Edwards, on Flickr

As usual, comments or suggestions welcome. They're a bit more successful than my Oulton shots were, though I was finding sometimes that the wide aperture was a bit too much for the sunny weather. And it's interesting how quickly I'd forgotten all about balancing ISO, aperture and shutter speed before the camera did it all for me - I've got more than one wildly over-exposed photo to show how out of practice I was.

I did have a second trip out after tea to try to catch "Royal Scot" on the way back from North Wales. Unfortunately it was running, it turned out, around 50 minutes late so I had to leave before it arrived.
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