2016 Nature Photographer of the Year - Results

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We are proud to announce the results of the


Congratulations to our Winner


The standard of photography across all categories in the competition was incredibly high, particularly in Landscape & Nature. There were a number of images that I really admired that didn't make it to the final 3. However, this image was never in doubt. Perfectly exposed, great use of shallow DoF, the subjects sharp, the composition is bang on, the yellow background forces the subject to the foreground and the bird is animated. If I was being unnecessarily critical maybe the OOF flowers in the bottom left corner are a bit distracting but that's being mean. A staggeringly high quality image.​

The detail on the bird and its feathers and beak are excellent and the backdrop of almost total yellow creates a very natural yet striking image. The depth of field and blurred foreground compliment the composition well – a lovely capture and one to be proud of​

This is the sort of image that got me into photography as a young teen (a fair while ago). The difficulty in capturing such images is why I stopped trying to shoot wildlife as a late teen and haven't really bothered since! Great capture, superb use of shallow DoF making the most of the harmonious yellow flowers and caught mid song has just created a stunning photo I'd be delighted to have on my wall​

In 2nd Place is

@Dave Semmens

Successfully capturing anything on the move is tricky. Nailing it this well takes enormous skill and practise. The fact that the subject is majestic helps but it's the little things that really lift this image. The eyes are razor sharp, you can see all the details in the owl and the photographer has picked perfect shutter and aperture settings. But the thing I like is the lighting. Maybe a flash or reflector or both have been used? Maybe just a low sun? Either way a beautiful subject captured beautifully.​

I really want to see what the owl is looking at, so strong are its eyes focused on what we can only assume will be its prey. The background has retained enough detail to enable us to see the owl in its own environment along with a lovely warmth from the sunlight. We are in no doubt that the owl is the absolute star of the show, showing its beauty and power. Beautiful detail in the feathers, face and eyes make this photograph stand out.​

owls in flight are a beautiful thing, and capturing this one such that the owl is cleanly on a blurred sky background rather than part of the busy ground its hunting over has given it the separation needed to create a clean, clear shot of the subject yet still linked directly to the ground its hunting over; giving us the negative space to see/imagine what its hunting and that catchlight in the eye make for a stunning shot​

And in 3rd place is


It's small, it's fluffy and it's nibbling something. What's not to like. Compositionally it's bang on, subject on the left looking into frame balanced by the small tree on the right. The monochrome backdrop perfectly highlights the little splashes of colour on the squirrel. Not just that, it's super sharp too. I fully appreciated the level of planning & commitment that all these Nature images require, particularly in environments like this.​

The tonal range of this shot works so well with the squirrel framed in the harsh setting of winter bringing the only colour to a monochrome world. The snow on the tree trunk not only compliments the shot but also emphasises the cold and unforgiving reality of nature. A good counter balance to the often-shot cute portrayal of this wonderful creature.​

a cute squirrel, doing what cute squirrels do is always a good start to an image. The snow & shallow DoF has removed all distraction that could be there in a snowless shot, and keeping the sapling on the right has added a lovely balance too. Well worth the effort & cold that must have gone with capturing this excellent image​
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Very pleased to have got shortlisted in such a fantastic set of nature photographs, managing second place is out of this world.

I have to thank both @Phil-D and @drooke as I wouldn't even have known the owl existed without them doing the leg work and inviting me up to get a photograph.

Over the moon :)



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WOW, I am shocked and stunned! Thank you to all who helped make the competition happen - organizers, judges and those that entered. There were some wonderful shots, I was happy to be shortlisted and I am humbled to have won. I am a relative newcomer to this forum and have found people to be helpful in their constructive criticism - we are all trying to improve. TGame on for next year!

Thank you - Time for a beer......or two:beer:
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