Night time photography in Cardiff.

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Hey everyone.

I thought I would brave the bitter cold to have a go at some night photography. Havent used my camera in ages but every time I cycle past these spots in the dark I think they would make pretty great photos. In terms of technique I just tried to get the adjustment bar at the bottom to line up in the middle by adjusting my parameters (for the long exposure one I think it was obvious what to do but for the others I am not sure if that is the correct technique to do ?).

I did some editing on them but my skills in lightroom I think still leave a lot to be desired. I know a couple look quite heavily edited (namely my happy place, but I kind of liked the way it makes the graffiti "pop" haha). Any tips or tricks for night photography (I just have a standard kit lens, canon 40d and a tripod) would be greatly appreciated.

Let me know what you think in general too. I had fun trying to get the pics and despite the cold I am quite happy with the results.

(ISO:320 SS:6' F/8.0 )

(ISO:320 SS:13' F/13.0 )

Prom art
(ISO:1000 SS:2' F/16.0 )

My Happy Place
(ISO:400 SS:2' F/5.6 )