2015 Photographer of the Year 2015 - December - Colours (Results)

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Here are the results for the December round of this year's POTY.

A big congratulations to our winner:​

Lovely colourful huts however they are too close to the bottom edge for me. They need a bit more room. It would also be better if they were leading to a more colourful sunrise or sunset sky.
The grey sky & sea act as the perfect backdrop to the beach huts to really highlight the colours. The photographer did well to get the sun catching the huts and the composition is excellent. Another good fit for the theme. A great job.
Loved this one from the first time I saw it in the initial voting thread. Beautiful composition, excellent subject matter, and perfect light for the shot - the golden light warms up the brightly painted BeachHuts and adds a slightly less foreboding look to the big grey cloud out to sea. Even the small details that break up the "regularity" of the "municipal huts" - the clothesline on the LHS yellow hut, the "box" (it looks something like a webcam installation to me) on the Green Hut, and the missing "diamond" on the central Yellow hut work nicely. I'm not 100% convinced that the three small boats/buoys out to sea add something or not - had I taken this, I'd certainly have tried with them cloned out. Still - that's really nit-picking, and it's a lovely picture.
In 2nd place is


Nicely thought out and the black background helps to make the colour of the flowers stand out. Only niggle is some of the small leaves right at the bottom of the frame are a tad distracting.
This is a bit of a corker. Lovely simple composition, beautifully lit, super sharp and fits the theme very well. The beauty of the subject is also enhanced by the dark background. Brilliant.
Excellent floral study against a black background - well lit, nicely arranged and captures all the details... I can certainly see this as a mahoosive canvas on someones wall - I know if I'd take it, then i'd already have ordered something (and probably be re-decorating in anticipation!)
In 3rd place is


Well the theme is colour and this has it in abundance. Nicely framed so that the eye isn't distracted.
Wow, nail-on-the-head theme wise. Fantastic colours & interest everywhere. The (presumed) perspective correction neatens up the composition and the overall exposure is spot on. A very pleasing image.
WOW - this is certainly colourful - a complete riot of oriental colour and feel. Being picky, the composition isn't quite symetrical, and the shot looks slightly soft to me - either as a function of the resizing down, or, quite possibly from the shot being taken in low-ish light conditions and having to remove a degree of noise from the shot...
In 4th place is

@The goblin

I like this a lot. Colourful, pleasing to the eye and the reflection adds to the overall likeability. Well done.
Undoubtedly fits the theme. Very nicely lit & exposed, sharp and I like the reflections. The threads give an interesting texture but the flow of my eye from left to right is interrupted by the dark colour on the far right - I'd perhaps been inclined to replace that colour or crop it out.
Really well Executed Closeup/Macro/Tabletop type shot. Nice use of reflective baseboard and good choice of coloured threads. Even the bases of the "second row" of yards catch the interest - I found myself trying to see if I could find what colours they were - by examining the reflections in the baseboard... little touches like that just add to the visual interest of the image, and make it something that takes more than a passing glance to take in...
In 5th place is


Fits the theme nicely. A broad spectrum of colours helps it to stand out amongst this months entries.
Certainly fits the theme although some of the colours haven't faired as well as others during the processing. However, I do like the simple but impactful composition.
I like this one. I don't quite know why, I don't even have a clue what it is, or even what it's part of - but it's colourful, it's interesting, and it's well composed, exposed and executed... Hopefully the photographer will put me out of my misery and let me know what it is a shot of - i've always been terrible at these "a familiar object from an unusual angle" type of things.


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In 6th place is

The colours are there but I don't feel much thought has gone into composition or dof and its all a bit messy for me.
I really like the composition in this image. A combination of the natural line of flowers and the shallow valley guide your eye from front to back. There's a nice use of shallow DoF with the large yellow flower is sharp. I'd have like to have seen it appear closer to one of the thirds though but that's just nit picking.
A last reminder of summer colour - like the differential focus - with the Orange and Yellow flowers being sharp, and the rest receding into the distance and OOF... It's a shame that there's quite so many dead-heads in the shot, but, sometimes that's what you get.
In 7th place is


Some lovely colour tones but there's just a bit too much oof in the frame and I find my eye drawn to that part of the image. Perhaps a LHS crop would balance it more.
It's a beautiful subject very well captured. A very nice use of shallow DoF, the subjects face is sharp & well exposed. Overall a very accomplished image.
A well executed shot, that's been spoiled by the processing IMO - the richness of the colours in the plumage seems to have been lost/subdued somewhat by brightening the image.
In 8th place is


Not enough colour for me and the foreground rock is placed too close to edges. Good to capture a double rainbow though.
It's a double rainbow, what's not to like? It doesn't quite convey "colour" as vibrantly as some of the other entries. I'd have been inclined to get down a bit lower to help bring the rock further into frame without losing the rainbow or it's faint reflection in the wet sand.
An excellent capture of a moment in time - the Double Rainbow, reflected in the wet patches in the sand lifts this Beachscape from being slightly mundane to something much more special... Love that the "reflected rainbow" lines in the sand lead down to the rock in the bottom LH corner - it wouldn't have happened to be covering a pot of gold, would it ??
In 9th place is


Plenty of colour here but I don't like the noise. Also there is too big an area of blankness lower LHS. A crop from the bottom would improve this.
Presumably the noisy processing was an artistic choice by the photographer. I think it works well in numerous situations but the colours are diluted somewhat in this image. For me there's a bit too much white space in the bottom left hand corner for the composition to be a complete success.
I think that the "coloured pencils" shot was pretty much a given for this theme - at least the photographer has chosen to process the image to add a little variety, but sadly I think that the processing has actually killed it. The title didn't work for me either - noisy pastel doesn't really equate to Psychedelic for me...
In 10th place is

@Carl Hall

Yes there's a colourful scene in here but it gets lost somewhat in the composition. Too large an expanse of blue on LHS.
Doesn't fit the theme quite as well as some of the other entries but clearly contains a colourful subject. The path helps lead the eye further into the frame. Compositionally I'd have been inclined to reposition so the block of blue wall on the left hand side was reduced and had the multicoloured drain pipe in focus.
I'm slightly torn on this one - The image has definite potential, with the mural on the wall, the heart shaped sign and the spectacular hand painted (complete with lots of dribbles!) fall-pipe. I think that the photographer was trying to isolate the sign with a very tight DoF but IMO it was just a tad too tight, and has thrown most of the mural and the fallpipe too far OOF. Knowing that this was on film, I'm aware that DoF preview isn't exactly as simple as on a digital - I often find myself shooting similar things, and ending up taking 3 frames, each one with a less wide-open aperture just to cover myself...
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