2015 Photographer of the Year 2015 - November - Wet (Results)

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Here are the results for the November round of this year's POTY.

A big congratulations to our winner:​

This conveys the theme extremely well in an imaginative and well thought out manner. Great use of dof and the colourful umbrella helps make it a standout shot.
Brilliant image which obviously fits the theme. Really well composed & exposed. I particularly like how the arch of the umbrella runs from the bottom left to the top right of the frame. The super shallow DoF works well as do the colours and movement in the rain. A really simple but highly effective shot.
Excellent image - if this was done in camera, then the control of the DOF to maintain focus down the "rib" of the brolly was really well done. Great choice of props, bringing a little cheer into a wet and miserable day.
In 2nd place is


Strong composition with the boat well placed. Theme wise there are some stronger entries for me though.
A beautifully composed image. Well exposed, great colours and sharp. The scenery is beautiful, the boat is full of character and the low lying cloud adds an extra dimension. It all combines to create a very pleasing scene
Best of the "landscape/Waterscape" shots this month for me... the one (very small) fly in the ointment for me is waht appears to be the White Door on the Black building at the RH side of frame... I'd have been tempted to slightly tone-down the white in the door (and it's matching reflection) just to stop it drawing the eye out of frame after you look at the boat...
In 3rd place is


The dog seems to be enjoying the wet weather and the water drips and splashes have been well captured here in a nicely composed shot.
Fits the theme very well. The dog is adorable and is clearly having a great time. The photographer has picked a good shutter setting to freeze the face of the subject but not to the detriment of the movement in the water. Equally the aperture choice is spot on rendering the background nicely out of focus. There are a couple of blown highlights, it's a bit noisy, possibly oversharpened and the square crop (all of which could have been deliberate artistic choices) doesn't quite work for me but that doesn't detract from the fact it's a lovely image.
Great subject - spoiled IMO by the appearance that the focus was missed slightly, and the image appears to have been oversharpened to try and compensate... this has led to some artifacts and patterns in the background grass...
In 4th place is


Best of the film and indeed the landscape entrants this month. It has a dreamy waterpainting feel to it.
Good composition with the pier guiding the eye towards the incoming weather. Top and bottom of the image seem to be presenting to totally different moods. The bottom is very calm and serene but the top is very much more menacing.
A nice gentle take on what appears to be one of the classic Derwentwater landing jettys... good composition, like the fact that the photographer hasn't been tempted to remove the two water-fowl paddling in parallel above the jetty - their wakes actually help tie things together IMO. Nice choice of film emulsion to capture the soft gentle tones of a typically "mixed" lakeland day.
In 5th place is


Something a bit different that does indeed look like a trophy. A bit too much space either side for me, I think a vertical orientation or crop would suit it better.
A clever image well captured. Having tried this type of photography before I appreciate the patience required. Well lit & exposed. Somehow the water looks sharper than the lime - maybe it's just me. Also it's a bit of a shame the the splash has been cut off at the bottom. But overall a successful image.
Finally, a "Object Drop" image that I think actually works - admittedly, partly due to the clever titling of the image. It certainly looks like it could pass as one of the more wierd and wonderful recent sporting trophies...


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In 6th place is


Sharp image, suits the theme extremely well. The subject facing the camera would have made this stand out even more.
Another image that fits the theme well. Great movement in the sea whilst the subject is nice and sharp. It's just a shame we can't see their face. I feel the composition could be further improved by moving the subject to the right of the frame.
If you don't get wet when Kitesurfing, then there's definitely something wrong... Well captured, if I was being picky, I'd have preferred to have seen the protagonists face rather than majoring on his back, though I understand that sometimes it's just down to the wind direction and timing... Also - its a shot that I think I'd prefer to have seen in colour rather than the current Mono conversion.
In 7th place is


The crop works here and there is a fun element to the image that helps too.
This image made me smile as soon as I saw it. Technically it's spot on. Great choice of aperture, the focusing is perfect, it's well exposed and I like the composition. The subject might not be beautiful but it's full of character.
Excellent image - sharp, well exposed to hold some detail in the reflection whilst keeping all the fine detail of the hair around the ears etc. But for me, the thing that makes it is the Letterbox Crop.
In 8th place is


Suits the mono conversion and the rainfall highlighted by the floodlight helps with the theme.
Clearly fits the theme. Using the floodlight to highlight the rain works well to enforce the dreadful conditions. The B&W processing only enhances the visual impact of the storm. Nice job.
well, this certainly does say wet to me... the Choice of a very contrasty B&W conversion, while probably forced by the low light and associated high ISO noise on this dreadfull looking night at what appears to be a minor league venue, actually works for me... Not only does it give it a "old school newspaper" kind of feel, but it somehow enhances the misery of standing on your own in the rain that the Goalie must be feeling...
In 9th place is


Long exposure beach shots tend to be well received generally but too much sky in this one for me to place it higher. To suit the wet theme it needs more water, less cloud.
A very pleasing image. Sharp from front to back, well exposed & composed and the processing is spot on. Although the image obviously contains water and therefore fits the theme, it doesn't reflect the theme as thoroughly as some other entries.
I'm afraid that for me the slow shutter speed approach has been overcooked in this image - it's gone from "slightly milky water" to a "mist bank" at the edge of the shingle - which just doesn't really say "WET" to me...
In 10th place is


I like the b&w as it suits the elements of the image and its nicely composed. Its just a tad bland in comparison to others this month.
I really like this image. It doesn't quite reflect the theme as successfully as some of the other entries which is why is hasn't featured further up my top ten. However, it's been very well exposed & composed - I particularly like positioning of the 2 shrubs in the foreground. The B&W processing adds to the overall feeling of serenity.
A nice Gentle monochrome image, but I'm afraid that for me there's simply nothing in the image to hold my attention - the only detail being the scrubby foliage in the foreground - personally, I'd have cropped to avoid the foreground completely, and gone for a complete minimal look...
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