Pixel Genius photokit sharpener

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Has anyone used Pixel Genius photokit sharpener? is it worth the $99, what are the results like?
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I have been using PK Sharpener as my main method of sharpening for 2 years and it is superb.

It works as a sharpening workflow – Capture, Creative and Output and each stage has various sharpening or softening settings. Or, like I do most times, you can just use the creative sharpening tools if you prefer.
Everything is done on a separate layer so it doesn't change your original image and the opacity can be altered to increase/decrease the effect.

The review at Luminous Landscape covers more details - http://www.luminous-landscape.com/reviews/software/pk-sharpener.shtml

Q - Is it worth $99 ?
A – If you want more control over sharpening/softening then yes, it definitely is worth it
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Not used, but I can recommend Nik sharpener pro, which I do use. But only for output (printing)

For web use I just use the 'bicubic sharper' method for downsampling, which often gives adequate results. If it's not enough I then use the high-pass filter method generaly.

Those are the only two events when I use sharpening. It's turned off in the camera and in rawshooter. Too much sharpening is very bad thing.

you might like to try the intellisharpener from fredmiranda.com it's a bit cheaper but very good.

On the free front is this one From 'the lights right' full workflow sharpening options and comes with very in depth documentation/tutorials.

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To be honest, the final websize pics I do always need selective sharpening. By which I mean applying unsharp mask and then painting the non-sharpened version back in with the history brush in specific areas, usually diagonal lines.

And selective stuff always takes time because you have to do it by hand. I prefer it that way, though. Kinda makes me feel like I'm giving the image a final polish before showing it to people.

Also, I'm really starting to appreciate softer lines at the moment. Sharpening works best when it's applied carefully in a few, small areas, IMO.