Review POGO Polaroid Portable Printer

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The Polaroid company was one of the first, if not THE first to invent the instant print film camera. Their latest invention POGO is a small portable, battery or mains operated printer, which can work with any mordern day camera or bluetooth compatable device.

In built to the device there is Bluetooth, for modern phones, and some Kodak cameras, plus there is a standard USB port. The printer is small enough to fit in to a pocket, and is fairly neat to carry around.

The inbuilt battery lasts a fair while, however i didnt have a really good chance to try it out as i couldnt really be bothered to wait for it to charge.

I decided to use a Nokia n95 connected via bluetooth and a Canon 400d, to see if there was much difference in picure quality

In the box you get 10 prints. Once you have used these, you must then buy more. The prints are fairly small, (2 inch * 3 inch), and have a sticky back, so you can attatch them to random objects.

Printing takes around about 60 seconds from both a camera and a phone, however you must pair the printer to the phone before you can send stuff to be printed.

The paper is put in to the device, therefore it does not hang out and get "dog eard".

Print quality is.... bad, very bad indeed, i would go as far as saying that i have been more impressed with prints from a £30 lexmark printer. All the pictures that were printed appeard to be grainy and very dark, that said, the paper seemd to be very tough and was hard to break and tear.

For £99, (its current retail price) i would be very supprised if it did sell. There are printers on the market, which although maynot be as portable, are a LOT better (Canon Selphy, Epson Picture Mates). I suppose for a Proof from a professional photographer it may not be too bad, but for £99 i was expecting a LOT more.

Portable, Battery operated, Bluetooth

Cost, Quality of prints