1. skiking


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    I'm looking to get a couple of images printed so I can display on the wall. I am looking at something along the lines of 30"x20" size. I am after advice/examples on a number of areas; paper to use (will be done by a lab, probably DSCL), do I print in a boarder?, do I mount? how do I frame?

    If anyone has got links to sites for examples or images of what you have done to display on the wall them please share.

    Many thanks in advance.
  2. blakester

    blakester Shine On Harvest Moon

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    I have used DSCL numerous times but have yet to try their pearl finish. Mainly lustre is my choice with gloss on a few occasions.
    Printing in a border is down to personal choice really, how do you wish the finished article to look? I mount my own prints but nothing as big as what you are looking at. The largest print I have mounted is 16"x12" these have gone into mounting board 500mmx400mm bought from Cotswold Mounts. DSCL can print with or without a border, your choice but it's only around 5mm, just enough to overlap a mount aperture.
    Framing, again personal choice. I have had a few bespoke frames made but they are expensive. Alternatively you could source a frame ready made, probably with mount board already cut and print to the ratio accordingly. HTH.

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