Review Sandisk Card Case - Mini Review

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Sandisk Card Case - Mini Review

Review of the Sandisk Card Case -

Sandisk Card Case


The Case arrived in a blister pack on thick card. It has a strong ABS plastic cover and the inside is soft rubber in a bright red. It has cut outs for a variety of cards, listed below.

- SD
- xD
- MS PRO, MS PRO Duo [SIZE=-1]

Card capacity is max of 8 cards

[/SIZE]Various storage combinations are possible like upto 4 x CF I/II or MS PRO or MS PRO Duo. + upto 4 x SD or MMC or XD.

The case is claimed to be water resistant, this was put to the test and run under a tap for 5 mins, on opening the case the inside was dry, so my next test was filled the sink up with water and dropped it in, it was under water for 5 mins in approx 10" water, on opening the case the insides were again dry. Whilst Sandisk do not say its water proof they say " Water Resistant ".

Case Size

L - 112mm
W - 77mm
H - 21mm


Nice handy case, With a high capacity card count (I use CF & SD so can carry 8), which if your unfortunate to drop in water should be ok if you retreve it quickly.

Approx Price £3 - £6