Silkypix 8SE: Can't open most jpeg folders/files?

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Camera-FZ1000, Windows 10. Have been using PSE2020/NIK for post, but lately been trying out Silkypix 8SE. Have been having a problem with SP: Although it opens all RAW files, it only opens a few of the jpeg files. I've done a lot of researching, but can't find a out what's wrong. Even reinstalled SP several times. SP should open all jpeg files, not just a a few. I know SP isn't popular, but hoping to get lucky...

EDIT: Although I am not completely sure, but it appears that the only jpg images that open directly from the folder, are ones taken with the FZ1000?
EDIT2: Think I answered my question. SP8SE only supports Panasonic cameras. Also, can open jpgs via File.Open and then choose from dropdown listing.
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