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  1. pentaxpete


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    I had darkroom Session the other day now that night are getting darker and bright chinks of 'sun' do not get through ! I looked out some negs on various Cameras and tried some old Ilford Multigrade Pearl and Glossy I have been given . I laced the DK50 print deb with some 1% Benzotriazole but prints still came out flat and murky except for the Statue on on the Glossy. I Sepia Toned by the 'Non-Smelly' Thiocarbamide method. I also did a VIDEO on how I did it which you can see HERE :

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pK8a7o3AfM

    Minolta 500si 02.jpg Minolta 500si 03.jpg Rolleiflex 03.jpg SR-T100X 02.jpg
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