1. Kodiak Qc

    Kodiak Qc

    French Canadian living in Europe since 1989!
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    Just like the NIAGRA FALLS are american but best viewed from
    Canada, this scene is in Slovenija but only visible from Austria.

    The gardens of this wine producer are all adjacent to the property
    in Austria but are at 98% on slovenijan territory. The Klapotec is
    austrian but the fence, two meters behind it, is not.

    When traveling the Winestraße in that extreme styrian south, you
    will see the indications that, for given length in km, the border will
    follow and cross the road many times.

    The letter "ß" is pronounced like a double "s"!

  2. SFTPhotography

    SFTPhotography Top Cat

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    I think the lights a little harsh and as a composition it doesn't that well

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