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I'll start off by saying i don't normally photograph birds, my longest lens is a 70-200, so i don't really have the reach for it. So although not as amazing as most of the photos in this forum, i'm quite happy with it.
This Tawny (now i'm not sure if this is a juvenile or an adult as i don't really study birds) and it's family live in one of the many trees on the estate in live and work on, so i see them from time to time, normally just a fleeting glimpse as they disappear through the trees in the early morning. Just of late (the past couple of weeks) i've been see them at all times of day, i guess as they are trying to keep their chicks fed, they are hunting for longer. Today whilst i was working i could hear it calling, so i had a little look around and saw it perched, not too far up a pine tree. So walked the 200yds home to pick up my camera and took a few shots. It was a bit windy out there today hence the blurry green splodges.

by Dominic Rodgers, on Flickr
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