The Amazing Sony A7 / A9 / Anything else welcome Mega Thread!

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I had that lens briefly and found it slow to focus, frequently missing a bit and sometimes just sawing back & forth without a lock - on an A7III. I know some find it OK, but it was probably the worst AF experience I've had since the 1980s. If you can, I'd try to send it back & pick up the kit 28-70 for similar money for general shots, because it's simply much better unless you need a large aperture/shallow depth of field/super-sharpness.

If you've been using a 50 on the 6000 then consider the 85 f1.8 for low weight a super-quick focussing at reasonable cost.
On an A7 it wont be the lens holding it back, it will be the camera. Even with the fastest lens the A7 cant compete with an A6000, especially in AFC.
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Hey chaps, I'm a Sony A7 owner (as of a few days ago) and picked up a new 50mm f1.8 to compliment it yesterday.

I was wondering if anyone could help me with auto focus on the A7. On my Sony a6000 I usually have it in AF-C and Wide. That works for most shots but when it doesn't the Centre button does a AF-S Centre auto focus and I then re-frame like I used to with my DSLR. This combination covers most of my shooting.

I can't seem to replicate this with the A7. The button for Center is set to "Standard" on the a6000 but the A7 doesn't seem to have that option. I shoot both in aperture priority most of the time. Any ideas?
I’ve not heard of that setup before, maybe it’s exclusive to the a6xxx series? I’ve heard where a button change focus mode, but not where it switches to a different focus mode with a set focus point. I’m pretty new to the Sony A7 series still though.
It's a big step back from the a6000 and 50mm (OSS) combo for AF. It's a bit hit and miss getting my kids in focus. I do like the field of view though, it's wider than I expected coming from the crop sensor.

I was going to slowly transition to full frame but I think I might keep my a6000 setup too now. At some point I'd like an A7 III and that might retire the a6000.

Anyway, one from yesterday when the lens was about 2 hours old. :D

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Renders nicely though, has nice 3D pop


I owe Cobra some bacon
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If the AF worked properly it would be a super lens, and would cannibalise sales of the 55.
I know we are going in circles a bit but seriously it's pretty accurate for shooting people. I wouldn't count on it to shoot an active erratic dog but it's fairly reliable for humans.
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