The Stepped Weir at Fiddleford, Dorset

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It's been 13 months since we moved to the West Country, and we still keep finding little gems like this. Out for a walk with Mrs J, I was actually interested in the river Stour as a potential fishing venue when we came across a stepped weir.

I need to go back with photography in mind, but the X-T3, 10-24 & Big Stopper are always in my "grab bag" when we go for a walk.

This first shot was taken on the bridge after the others, another chap had turned up to take some shots so this was taken to one side so I wasn't in his shot, and without the ND filter.

Fiddleford 1 by Steve Jelly, on Flickr

The next couple were shot after clambering down the bank and hopping over a retaining wall, to get lower to the water.

Exposure for shot 2 is 10 seconds, and shot 3, two seconds. I think I prefer the last one.

Fiddleford 2 by Steve Jelly, on Flickr

Fiddleford 3 by Steve Jelly, on Flickr