What birds or bird have you seen today – communal thread, I hope!

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A few days ago, I set up a Buzzard post with a friend, to see if we could attract anything to a position, that might give us a good photo opportunity. I left a 'trail-cam' in place for a few days and collected it this morning. - Happy to say that it recorded over twenty visits by this Buzzard and I will now be going back with the hide and 'DSLR', to try and get some 'proper' shots over the coming days.
In the meantime, here is the best of the shots from the cheap 'trail cam'........which are obviously not great quality!

DSCF0068 (2) by Glynn Hobbs, on Flickr
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I don't post in here very much, if at all, but i'd like someone to ID this little bird please. It's living in a stonewall in my little courtyard garden, with it's partner. They are back and forth all day long with food. I guess it's something quite common and i should probably know what it is, but i don't recall seeing one before. Sorry it's not the best quality shot in the world, but my longest lens is a 70-200. I had to hid behind a curtain at my backdoor and shoot through one of glass panels.

untitled-4.jpg by Dominic Rodgers, on Flickr