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    Did the gopro battery die, I wonder if it didn't close the file properly. Sometimes it's not obvious what has happened I hate the things they are forever crashing. Anyway if that happens sometimes the closing segment is still in the camera and putting the card back in can finish writing the file...
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    Imports could be more expensive or scarcer into the UK from 2021

    Something tells me you'll not see much difference buying online from the likes of ebay at least
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    Totally confused.....

    You don't really need to be shooting LOG and using LUTs initially, it will have a standard setting try that perhaps back contrast and saturation down a couple of points in the camera they are usually too high. There's plenty of stuff to get to grips with through even basic editing and rendering...
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    When did frying pans get so complicated?

    I don't think a non-stick type has been invented that doesn't start to stick after a couple of years regular use. It's good to have one for the odd time you know something will mess up your main one. We bought a stainless steel one some 20 years ago it just gets better with age and careful use...
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    Best photo editing laptop for £700

    Sorry I didn't research his life history, just pointed out a decent laptop :LOL: Freelance work sounds like self employed to me.
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    Best photo editing laptop for £700

    This would be in your range if you can claim VAT back. I got a similar one last month it is amazing really, especially compared to the previous Toshiba which was about 8 years old with two keys missing :LOL...
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    Shameless HDR

    Or really go for it, as an intended wild effect. Photography is rarely all about realism.
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    Shameless HDR

    I do rather like the more extreme look especially more desaturated and with noise under control, it can make a very striking image with buildings and vehicles - less so people and general landscapes as a rule. As a technique it can also be applied in a very subtle way so most would hardly...
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    Best Image-hosting Site

    Of the ones listed Flickr by far, Photobucket were OK about 20 years ago but now it's a struggle to do anything through sea of adverts attempting to load. imgur is OK to host for a forum or something, flickr with the groups and other sharing options is pretty good and free up to 1000 images is...
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    Help with removing a coupe of people in a shot

    Good attempt above but missed her shadow.
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    The General Drone-Related Thread

    It's wonderfully easy to do a HDR merge in lightroom, and it usually looks pretty good and unfreaky.
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    Flowers - an open thread.

    Ox Eye daisies are generally the wild biennials, these look like Shasta Daisy perennials We had them - the same patch in the garden for many years but they seemed very hard to get a new clump going and eventually fizzled out sadly
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    Reducing Pictures For Website - Help Required

    I'm actually struggling to understand how resizing and exporting from Lightroom can go wrong at all but presumably it's from not choosing longest side and pixels as above.
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    The General Drone-Related Thread

    That shot would have benefitted from exposure bracketing, but low light is still a problem areas with these small sensors.
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    Sony RX100

    From my ZV-1 a couple of weeks back. To be honest I feel it's not quite as good with stills as my RX100v there's often just a bit more smearing NR or soft focus round the edge of the frame and distant objects - most noticeable with trees. Colours are slightly different too but it's just getting...