The official TP 52'ers challenge for 2019

As some of you are well aware that for the past 9 years in one guise or another there has been a photo a week challenge with a set theme.
For those of you that are not aware,
This'll give you an idea as to what its about.
This is one of a coalition of old male lions who'd been driven off their territory by younger rivals. So figuratively as well as literally he is looking at the sun setting.
Taken in Kruger NP.

[​IMG]Lion at Sundown by Gerry Zambonini, on Flickr
Thank you to FotoVUE, and Mick Ryan for offering up this great prize. :)

Simply show us your best UK Autumn Image. Attach them to this thread and away you go!
Please state where in the UK it was taken.

Closing Date is the 11th November.
MIck will choose 9 winners who will each receive a FotoVUE guidebook of their choice :)
by Pomo, on Flickr
Tried my hand at some still life photography.
This is an interesting building

Kumu by dancook1982, on Flickr

[​IMG]Kumu by dancook1982, on Flickr...
Second wet plate bbq of the year for me, and photography is what's brought us all together.

I thought you might all appreciate some photography related event photography..

[​IMG]Wet Plate BBQ by dancook1982, on Flickr

Some photos from the Yashica Mat-124G I recently got.

All taken in Birmingham a few weeks ago. A mixture of Kodak Ektar 100 - pushed 2 stops, and Kodak Portra 400 and Ilford HP5+ - both a box speed. Metering was from the built in light meter.

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