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Anyone for the North Pole?

Red (Unhappy) Stag

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Taken on private land - long lens for this one ( 150-600mm) soaking wet - me and the Stag :LOL::LOL::LOL:

I still got bellowed at :)

Red Stag Bellow
by Les Moxon, on Flickr

Les :)


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Just over a year ago I visited Wistmans Wood in the best conditions I have seen at this location. Unfortunately, it was already blue hour when the fog rolled in and transformed the woodlandand the moment only lasted 20-30mins. Luckily having visited the woods on many occasion before I knew the image I wanted!

This image from the set named "Mystical" went viral earlier this year and it is still being shared by various sites and magazines across the globe. For anyone interested all the other images I've shot from Wistmans are on my Flickr and Behance pages.

by Neil Burnell, on Flickr

Brecon canal basin

The Snail

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Not a lot to say really, it's a snail on a bit of vine tendril.

by Dominic Rodgers, on Flickr

cormorant wings spread

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had a nice couple of hours this morning with a trio of obliging cormorants ,high tide at high noon

50 shades of black
by jeff and jan cohen, on Flickr