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What do Kelpies eat?

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3 years ago when we were in Glasgow for C2C (heady days being out of the house) we had a trip out to the Falkirk Wheel and the Kelpies.
Stunning features, both, but the light was not good to us.
However I thought that this composition would be good in better weather and if we ever get back there, even though 220 miles away.

Kelpies-3110476 by Superpippo0547, on Flickr

Wild Bat in flight

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A Myotis Bat (Myotis occultus) on a moonless night, Arizona desert. A complicated set up using IR trigger and a night vision camera. Long wait on a cold night but the starry sky was unbelievable - second only to that seen in the rainforest. Only managed to get three shots in the entire evening.

Self portrait - organised chaos :)

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Had a few hours spare yesterday and have realised that lockdown has got me doing some crazy self portraits :LOL:

Seriously cannot wait to get to get some actual models into the studio! This one represents how my mind goes when I get a new idea for an image :)

Shot at 32mm, f/8 and lit by 2 strip lights for edge light, one main light with large octabox camera right and just above eye level and one larger light behind for fill. 1/125, f/11 and ISO100 Processed in Capture 1 and Photoshop.

All of the tools were shot using the same light and then composited into the scene - I crazily almost tied them to the ceiling with string and tried to get it in one take, but thought better of it :)
Thanks for looking, hope everyone is safe and well.

Critique Easy Peelers

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Off of the feedback I received last time posting @The Big Yin

Last night I tried again, as was mentioned, there was no way easy way to peel these little critters.

Anyways this is what I managed.

I have one with bits of pith on the base which I thought looked ok but my better half reckons this cleaner version is better.

Any feedback would be most welcomed.


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