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It's that time of year again ladies and gentlemen!

Get your favourite image editing software out and give the TP Logo a bit of Christmas pizzazz!

The deadline will be the weekend of the 3rd/4th December.

Instructions :

Download one of the three attached files, whichever suits your needs best.

  • PSD (With Layers, saved in Photoshop CC 2017), with a white background layer present, but disabled)
  • TIFF (With Layers, saved in Photoshop CC 2017), with a white background layer...
Photo 25-09-2016, 09 56 10.jpg
This one was a bit of an epic... Lily and I have shot together on any number of occasions and this was easily our most ambitious shoot yet. We have a habit of egging each other on - and when one of us suggests an idea the other never says 'no', they just add another element. We were in the studio 13 hours all told - but we did shoot some other stuff too.

Lily creates performance installations for high end events and needed to show off her incredible costume and set making skills. The brief...
A couple of Buzzards in an aerial sparring match above the Severn Estuary.

Sparring Buzzards
by Roger, on Flickr

Sparring Buzzards
by Roger, on Flickr
Squirrel having some food, from under the bird feeders.

2016 brings a whole new forum-wide competition to find the best photographers within the Talk Photography community.

This year, it will be split into 5 separate competitions:



poty16_sports_sml.jpg ...​
A few from a recent trip to central Italy

1. Dawn light over lake Fiastra
[​IMG]Dawn over lake Fiastra by Ian, on Flickr

2. Looking south from University of Camerino at sunset
[​IMG]South from Camerino 1 by...
ATrendall1 medium.jpg
Just heard that one of my photos has been shortlisted for Trail Magazine's Mountain Photo of the year competition 2016. Obviously I'm very pleased but feel intimidated by the quality of the other finalist photos.

This phoot involved a lot of hard work since it meant being on the summit for sunrise and involved about 3000 feet of ascent in the dark over scree and rocks then snow and ice using ice axe and crampons. Four days running I headed up in the dark only...
I've been piddling about with the Review section and I think it's perfect for what we need to get our database back up and running.
The problem is, we need to get all the equipment information in there and get it populated with all the common items, bodies, lenses etc. All from various manufacturers.
I'm still working on the best way to organise it all, and how to categorise it.

What we're looking for is people to help collate that...