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Taking a drive out in the New Forset this morning and a couple of deer were walking through the undergrowth. Managed to fire off a few shots, was quite chuffed with this one as it seemed to know the exact pose I wanted.

Deer in New Forest
by Mike.Pursey, on Flickr

MPB deserve a shout

The Explorer

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First visit to WWT Slimbridge in over 5 weeks, following surgery.
Great to see the Water Rails still around despite the extensive intrusion to their habitat by the building of the new Estuary Tower.
Counted three birds this morning, including this character exploring the rat hole for residual seed from a feeder.

The Explorer
by Roger, on Flickr

Nikon D750 + Nikon 200-500 f5.6
ISO 4500

Scottish Mountain Hare

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Been for a trip up north again for some hare and landscape photography, didn't do any landscapes as the weather was abysmal but did manage to photograph a hare in the snow so all was not lost :)
This is the first image pp, many more to go through

by Paul Jeffries, on Flickr

Pillars (Bellever forest)

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There was only a hint of mist in the air so I ditched my plan to go Wistmans and went to Bellever Forest instead. Bellever has some clear areas of Pine but they are quite hard to find at times with new trees coming down on a regular basis. This was probably the best of the images that morning which was shot on the outskirts of the woodland with some soft sidelight hitting the front few trees.

Pillars - Dartmoor Pine Project
by Neil Burnell, on Flickr

Norfolk Barn Owl

Time to reflect

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Another image made on New Years morning. Another cliche shot really, but it was too nice to resist...

Time to reflect
by Martin Steele, on Flickr


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I drew a blank at my kingfisher on Tuesday, not even a sniff but that's how it goes. Next time.

So, with no new kingfisher images to process, I've been looking over old files. I can't believe this one was last May , taken on a walk with my Daughter.

by Dale, on Flickr

Win £1,000: Nature TTL Photographer of the Year 2020

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Are you the Nature TTL Photographer of the Year 2020?

I'm very pleased to announce that our competition is now open for entries!

The Overall Winner of the competition will take home £1,000 in cash, with the People's Choice Award winner bagging £500.

Plus, there are some great prizes for our Category winners.


Our judging panel, including TV & radio presenter Mark Carwardine, are eager to see your entries. The deadline for submissions is February 15th 2020.

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2020 The TP 52'ers challenge for 2020. Sign up thread.

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My Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates..
you never know what you are going to get …
However if you sign up, one thing is certain, you will get a weekly theme to test yourself.
Well then, are looking for an excuse to get your camera out?

If the answer is no, then run along, this is not the thread you are looking for.
If the answer is yes, why not join in the 2020 TP 52 challenge?

There are no prizes, just self satisfaction, some friendly banter, with like minded people and of course a few laughs along the way.
Everyone is welcome to join in, whether you are one of the stalwarts of the 52 community ( its entering its 11th year) or a 52 virgin,
whatever your level of experience, you are most welcome.
We are a friendly bunch and quick to help out if you need it,

The old hands know the score, and thanks to all that took part in 2019 making it...