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Loch Leathan

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One from my trip to Skye from earlier this year..

Loch Leathan
by Neil Almond, on Flickr

1, 2 & 3
by Neil Almond, on Flickr

Puffin Chat

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Recent visit to Bempton on my way to see family- stopped of for 1/2 hour and grabbed a few Puffins

I love this one :)

puffin chat
by Les Moxon, on Flickr

Thanks for lookng


Apache at Cosford Airshow

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Cosford Airshow yesterday was a good day out. Had to leave before the end but was pleased the Apache display was mid afternoon. The pyrotechnics made for an exciting show.


Beautiful Wings On Beautiful Demoiselle

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I bought my Canon EOS-R last autumn specifically as a second body to mostly live on my Canon Macro lens to be holstered ready for a fast draw when allowed to get up close and personal with a minibeast - I usually try and get one in the bag with my Canon 100-400mm L II + 1DX-2. This is the first opportunity I have had to target and fire in anger with the mirrorless EOS-R + Canon EF 100mm Macro + 1.4x combo. Handheld and Manual Focus with the mirrorless EOS-R's MF visual aids really helping!

by Robin Procter, on Flickr

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