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Beautiful Wings On Beautiful Demoiselle

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I bought my Canon EOS-R last autumn specifically as a second body to mostly live on my Canon Macro lens to be holstered ready for a fast draw when allowed to get up close and personal with a minibeast - I usually try and get one in the bag with my Canon 100-400mm L II + 1DX-2. This is the first opportunity I have had to target and fire in anger with the mirrorless EOS-R + Canon EF 100mm Macro + 1.4x combo. Handheld and Manual Focus with the mirrorless EOS-R's MF visual aids really helping!

by Robin Procter, on Flickr

More info on Flickr

Four-spotted chaser

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A Four-spotted chaser Libellula quadrimaculata with the morning Dew on it ? Opening my macro account for this season Please see large
Taken this morning 12-5-19 A 430am Start on Crowle moors
by kevin robinson, on Flickr

Strange New World

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A new Greylag Gosling checks out the available food source.

Nikon D850 + 200-500.

Strange New World
by Roger, on Flickr

Sushi for Breakfast

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Breakfast 1
by Les Moxon, on Flickr

Quite local to me on the Somerset Levels, this chap feeds here on a regular basis, thought I'd try sneaking up on him and grab a shot.

seems to have worked :)

Thanks for looking


Horses of Iceland

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At last I've got round to sorting through some more images from Iceland, put this one in here as they are supposed to be wild but how wild I'm not so sure

On the Gallop in Iceland
by Paul Jeffries, on Flickr


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After a morning with the water rails, Alan gave me the unexpected bonus of some time in his Sparrowhawk hide.

by Mike, on Flickr

Linked form flickr which may affect IQ as the regular file is still showing up as being too large to upload


teal reflections

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600mm 1/80th sec handheld

time will teal
by jeff and jan cohen, on Flickr