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Full moon

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Catching up with the thread from a while of being absent. Sharing a moon shot from my P900.

Thanks for looking. PSX_20201230_010558.jpg

Crossbill Male.

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Another shot of my time with the crossbills. I was stunned by the beautiful colours of this male .It was my first time seeing them.

Crossbill. by Catherine Cochrane, on Flickr

M31 Andromeda - Reprocessing Update

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I decided to do some reprocessing as the clouds seem to never clear above the UK. The 2nd image is my 4th version (and final until I get more data).

Marking just over 12 months of Astrophotography I revisited my first ever DSO, M31. Rather different equipment this time, but 12 months of 'upgrades' has left me finally happy with my kit lol.
  • 112 x 120s Lights - 3.7 hours
  • 40 x Darks
  • QHY268C @ -20
  • William Optics GT81 with Flat6Aiii @ 384mm focal length
  • Stellardrive EQ6-R Pro
  • Astronomik UV/IR Cut Filter
  • Bortle Class 4 skies
Fully processed in Pixinsight. I'll be coming back to this, I'd like to add at least another 4 hours of broadband frames and a couple of hours of Ha.

M31 Andromeda V2 20-12-2020 by Andy Thilo, on Flickr...

A Photo Guidebook to East Anglia's Coast - New Bestseller! Thank you!

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Love East Anglia, but want to explore new locations?

Featuring over 40 stunning photo-guided locations, with expert tuition and advice. This guide book shows you when, where, and how, to visit these outstanding locations throughout this photographers paradise of a region, East Anglia. Wrote by award-winning landscape photographer, and experienced workshop leader, with a career of being a reliable tour guide for the regions subtle landscapes and outstanding coastline.

All the interesting bits below!

  • Over 45 Detailed Individual Locations
  • Over 190 Pages
  • Over 400 beautiful photos
  • The best apps and sources
  • Detailed regional maps
  • Where to stay, park, and eat
  • Specific GPS & Addresses
  • The best time to visit
  • Locality of each location...