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After a morning with the water rails, Alan gave me the unexpected bonus of some time in his Sparrowhawk hide.

by Mike, on Flickr

Linked form flickr which may affect IQ as the regular file is still showing up as being too large to upload


teal reflections

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600mm 1/80th sec handheld

time will teal
by jeff and jan cohen, on Flickr

Beginner An Idiots guide: DIY Water Drop Controller with Arduinos and stuff.

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An Idiots guide: DIY Water Drop Controller with Arduinos and stuff.

Hello there fellow TP folks. :)

Hands up who's seen those amazing images of water drop collisions?
I have. And I became so enthralled with them, I decided to embark on a journey to construct a device that can create such images.

This is what I did and the way I did it.

Firstly I should point out that I am not an expert in electronics or Arduino programming...far from it in fact.
Until a few weeks ago, I'd never even seen an Arduino, let alone knew what they were or what they did!
The last time I did anything electronics related was thirty years ago...and that was only 'O' level electronics!
So I won't be able to go into much technical detail about the components used in this build, sorry!
(I accept no responsibility for damage to any equipment used. Please be careful when messing around with electronics.
I created this thread purely as a record of what I...

Takes On Liquid - January Challenge

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I'm putting this up a couple of days early because I probably won't be in a fit state tomorrow or the day after :beer:

This is a monthly challenge, I will post a new theme drawn at random from a list of themes (Takes-on 2019 theme suggestions) at the start of each month. The challenge is to take up to 6 photos to the theme "liquid" in the month of January and post them in this thread. Constructive comments are encouraged and should also be posted in this thread. There is a discussion thread for general chat, ideas, etc.

Just to reiterate, photos should be shot and posted this month, January 2019 feel free to jump in whenever you like. Happy shooting :)

The previous month is here...