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Blue Damselfly.

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Love these, they'll be back any day now.

Blue Damselfly. by Dale, on Flickr

Fritillaria Meleagris

Rare Moonless, Clear Night. M31 Andromeda Galaxy

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I needed lots more data as usual. But this is M31 The Andromeda Galaxy tonight taken from outside the front door in a light-polluted area.

A stack of 104 x 8 sec images using my OM1 with 300mm F/4 lens. at F4. ISO 5000.


Aurora tonight

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Aurora by Chris H, on Flickr

Aurora by Chris H, on Flickr

Aurora by Chris H, on Flickr

Castles in the Sky

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A stunning sunset over the fantastic Alport Castles, Peak District

Alport Castles by Joel Spencer, on Flickr

Wild It's Time............

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to chase these guys again.

(image taken under a Schedule 1 licence issued by NatureScot).

It's Time........... by Dale, on Flickr

Pont Tal-Hirion

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This small stone bridge is located on the Migneint moors in the Snowdonia national park. I've photographed it before but many moons ago. I tried a slightly different viewpoint and longer focal length on this occasion.
Pont Tai-hirion by Rory Trappe, on Flickr