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As another year come to a close, here we are again.
Are you ready for more exciting & challenging themes?
Are you looking for an excuse to get the camera out? are you looking to test yourself?
There are no prizes, just self satisfaction and a few laughs along the way.

Everyone is welcome to join in, whether you are one of the stalwarts of the "52 community" or a 52 virgin Whatever you level of experience, you are most welcome.
We are a friendly bunch and quick to help out if you need it,...
Well, most of you probably haven't even started thinking about it yet but, having been on the go for the last 8 months, let me tell you, Christmas isn't that far away!

Unfortunately, owing to the unique way the BBC is funded Mrs Santa spends my money, I haven't been able to pay the elves their overtime for the last couple of months, so they are currently out on strike in the car park. Their picket line can't actually be seen due to the 3 feet of snow, but that's another story...
Critique British Museum
I've been cleaning out old photos to clear some space on drives. I came across this one of the British Museum. I often do this building as a b&w as I find the shapes are often enough to capture my interest however the subtle colours of the sky and lighting on the roof structure made me think this is better in colour and worth keeping.

I should say I'm a structural engineer and this roof is one of my favourite structures- I could sit for hours and contemplate it whether I've got me...
Lots of little Shelduck ducklings this year, one brood of 19 has been observed! :eek:

Shelduck Duckling
by Roger, on Flickr

and plenty of Mallard ducklings too :)

Mallard Duckling
A shot of the Italian Tornado IDS taken at Cosford Airshow this weekend.

Italian Tornado IDS by Paul Martin, on Flickr

Rgds Paul