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Southern white Admiral

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It`s not often you get to see a Butterfly so Blue and so beautiful and it`s a 1st for me, As someone said, this must have been very fresh.

Southern White Admiral (Limenitis reducta) by Provence Photography 83, on Flickr

I hope you enjoyed this shot as much as I do.
Please feel free to click on the photo to see it over on my Flickr page.


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A couple from a wander at Yeadon Tarn next to Leeds-Bradford Airport the other week, some adorable goslings just chilling (or warming!) :)

Angry Bird

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A Tern attacking me while I was standing at the visitor centre on the Isle of May

Tern Attack by Simon Wootton, on Flickr

FIRST TIME White Water sports

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This has been on my photo bucket list for many years.. Theres no such thing in east Lancashire.. But it's something I ahve always wanted to photo... So 2 days ago I took my camera and the missus to The National White Water Centre - Canolfan Dŵr Gwyn Genedlaethol - BALA in Snowdonia.. Heavy traffic made it a 2 and a half hr journey but well worth it.. glorious day.. Fantastic location. Lots of parking.. cafe and lots of photo opportunities... ReallY did exceed all my expectations.. Later we drove 10 ins to Bala lake for a picnic tea:)

As you can imagine I took a LOT of pics and have 90 that I am so pleased with and as many again I binned out of repetition...

Canon 1dxII + Canon 70-200 mkII





bala_002.jpg ...

Adult Wrench Feeding Its Young

Just a Boat.

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Not sure if this is a landscape but it is set in one I suppose and there may be more vistas coming to this thread as I'm still going through and culling them.

A trip through the night and 65 miles later, found me at Loch Rusky. My first time there and it promised a lot according to the forecast. All I got though was typical, white blanket skies and the Loch was just that fraction too ripply. I refuse to come away from a location without an image, so I adapted and concentrated on the smaller things.

A great location though with tons of potential, I just need to time it right next time. (y)

Just a Boat. by Dale, on Flickr

Red Kite in Buckinghamshire

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We managed to get away at last and stayed on a lovely smallholding place in Ivinghoe Aston in Buckinghamshire on the edge of the Chilterns. Most of the Red Kites flew too high to capture but this one came low down and for once it wasn't raining and blowing a hooley!

The Mayfly - and the briefest of encounters...

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The eggs of mayflies are laid underwater, and the nymphs which hatch from the eggs can live for two years in the water.

Then come the summer, the adults hatch out - sometimes simultaneously and they can appear in their hundreds. Sadly, they have very short lifespan (just hours in some cases), during which they display and breed.

Many of them don't feed as adults as their sole purpose is to reproduce, dying once they have mated.


Wild Kestrel

What do Kelpies eat?

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3 years ago when we were in Glasgow for C2C (heady days being out of the house) we had a trip out to the Falkirk Wheel and the Kelpies.
Stunning features, both, but the light was not good to us.
However I thought that this composition would be good in better weather and if we ever get back there, even though 220 miles away.

Kelpies-3110476 by Superpippo0547, on Flickr

Self portrait - organised chaos :)

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Had a few hours spare yesterday and have realised that lockdown has got me doing some crazy self portraits :LOL:

Seriously cannot wait to get to get some actual models into the studio! This one represents how my mind goes when I get a new idea for an image :)

Shot at 32mm, f/8 and lit by 2 strip lights for edge light, one main light with large octabox camera right and just above eye level and one larger light behind for fill. 1/125, f/11 and ISO100 Processed in Capture 1 and Photoshop.

All of the tools were shot using the same light and then composited into the scene - I crazily almost tied them to the ceiling with string and tried to get it in one take, but thought better of it :)
Thanks for looking, hope everyone is safe and well.

Critique Easy Peelers

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Off of the feedback I received last time posting @The Big Yin

Last night I tried again, as was mentioned, there was no way easy way to peel these little critters.

Anyways this is what I managed.

I have one with bits of pith on the base which I thought looked ok but my better half reckons this cleaner version is better.

Any feedback would be most welcomed.


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