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    Nikon FM repair or bin?

    Had a rummage in the bags the camera and lenses came in. lol and behold a PK13!! That’ll save £20.
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    Nikon FM repair or bin?

    The 50mm f2 is pre AI and I’ve found the lens tab. The 55mm f3.5 is the one with micro facility and I’ll have a scout around for an extension tube, see what they cost. Hopefully all it needs is a CLA from Miles and I’ve got myself a little cracker. Hope I don’t GAS for Nikon stuff, SWMBO is...
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    Nikon FM repair or bin?

    DOH!! :banghead: Makes sense now. Anyway, I'll give the shutter a workout and see what happens. Thanks for the other replies, Guys (y) Looks like it's off to Miles Whitehead for a CLA. PS, I take it the two lenses are OK qualty wise?
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    Nikon FM repair or bin?

    I've been given a Nikon FM with two lenses, a 50mm f2 and a 55mm f3.5. The camera is in very good condition with a few battle scars, the lenses are in excellent condition, snappy iris blades and fungus free. The camera shutter only fires at one speed, sounds like 1/60th. I've fitted fresh...
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    Ennerdale water sunrise Now with added shot

    I like the first, even though it has warm colours, the water looks rough, wintery and cold.
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    Critique Cold early morning walk around Sawley Marina

    That's different, I like it though. As Alf said, nice subtle tones.
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    Red squirrel

    Excellent, you can count the hairs on the tail.
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    red squirrel , my ding a ling

    Looks as if nibbling his nuts excites him :exit:
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    Woodland Wander & Freezing Cold

    Very nice, especially the first. It captures the cold of the morning, you can FEEL it. Now, just my humble opinion, have you thought of a square crop on the first, just above the sun? On the second (v2) I'd have gone for a right hand crop rather than the left. As I say, not criticisms, just my...
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    An Afternoon on Yr Aran

    That last one's a cracking shot (y)
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    From Bwlch Tryfan

    Now I like that. Mind you, I'd crop the dark strip at the top, I find it a bit distracting.
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    From Bwlch Tryfan

    Very nice (y)