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    Budget action cameras

    I bought a similar camera from 7dayshop a couple of months ago £12.99 you can see some of the footage in this video, it cuts between this and my Canon 7D, no comparison as regards quality but at £12.99 it ain't that bad. I think I was shooting at 720p View:
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    Lens For Larger Paintings

    Move the painting to somewhere else in the house where you can get further back, or take two shots in vertical format and stitch in software, just frame up each side with the picture and make sure you are parallel to the painting. I think I used a similar technique on one of my paintings some...
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    Sand eels at dawn.......

    Now why did I immediately think of this :) View:
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    New to video, some questions....

    I use a low contrast profile as well
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    New to video, some questions....

    I use much the same method on m Canon 7D , fix the shutter at 2x frame rate, fix the aperture and ISO on Auto, for most of my basic shooting
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    Camera clubs and covid-19

    I'm not a member of a camera club, but used to play guitar regularly, doing this together online with Zoom is not possible due to the latency issue, however we have maintained contact by meeting up on Zoom for a weekly chat which has helped maintain relationships.
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    Telephoto lens advice

    For wildlife focal length is always going to be king, however as already said getting as close as you can to the subject is important. I've used the Sigma 150-500, the Sigma 120-300 f2.8 with a 2X and also the Sigma 150-600 all good lenses. Practice your fieldcraft and perhaps get some camo sheeting
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    Comet Neowise, Stonehenge

    What time was this taken I went out last night but there was a low bank of cloud on the horizon and not sure if it covered it or what elevation it rises to
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    buying for the sake of it

    Hmm I already have two Strats and a couple of Les Pauls
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    buying for the sake of it

    So what are you thinking of selling, I haven't bought one for a while !!!
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    buying for the sake of it

    So what guitar then? need a picture or better a video of you playing :D
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    Sand Martins

    Great set of shots
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    Prehistoric looking heron

    The Jimmy Durante of the birdworld :D
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    Queenie, the Meatbox Update

    I remember sitting in the cockpit of one of those when I was a kid, state of the art at the time (yes I'm that old!)