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    Anyone waiting on an out of stock item?

    I've been waiting a month so far.. I had a 'live chat' with wex a month before ordering and the wait list was 2-3 months long then..
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    Poll , Would you contribute to the running of T.P

    I think I pay / contribute £30 ish for a forum that I have not visited in over a year and it'll probably be a while before I'm back on it again haha I'm mostly a lurker here, but would happily contribute something and on a subscription bases - £3 or £4 per month? that's about the cost of a...
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    A question of terminology?

    I'd just classify them as 'very successful' or 'Masters'... I wouldn't want to pigeonhole a group like that to a genre
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    Anyone waiting on an out of stock item?

    I can imagine that manufacturing has prioritised home office / consumer models? and perhaps components are shared and have been redirected that way too... So, it's all bottlenecks I would guess
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    Anyone waiting on an out of stock item?

    I ordered an Epson printer a couple days ago. I did ask the retailer a few weeks back about the stock situation and the waitlist is 2-3 months! So I'm waiting patiently, it'll be my first proper printer and looking forward to getting started.
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    More recent Glencoe

    I thought that as well - I found clicking the link for Flickr they look much better
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    How do you feel when looking at your old works?

    I mostly cringe if I'm honest - mostly in terms of editing but composition, technical, subject as well. That's a good thing as far as i'm concerned, it means I have improved and I am shooting at a different level now.
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    March 29th - lifting stay at home rule

    I think my reading of the rules says you can travel into London - and I can't wait to do so myself, however just for logistical reasons I wont be for a little while. I'll wait to coffee shops and restaurants to open, so I can take breaks and rest up from shooting. So. I'll be staying local for now.
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    Lockdown town centre walk

    A small selection of images taken while doing my daily exercise in town DSCF1348-Edit.jpg by Ben Cremin, on Flickr DSCF1671-Edit.jpg by Ben Cremin, on Flickr DSCF1810-Edit.jpg by Ben Cremin, on Flickr DSCF1865-Edit.jpg by Ben Cremin, on Flickr
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    Would a Fuji XE-2 with the pancake lenses suit street shooting?

    Depends on your style of street photography I guess, but personally I'd find 18mm too wide and for some reason 28mm awkward. But that's just a preference on my part - I like the 35mm equivalent
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    Anti-photographer attitudes

    I've watched a few of those videos over the last day - the guys producing the videos are provoking the police and others - but these are all scenarios / questions that we all could be challenged about, so I think the videos are useful to watch it the educational sense.
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    Does location matter to you?

    There is something incredibly satisfying about getting an absolute banger of a shot locally. If I could do it regularly, there would be little need to travel
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    Graphics tablet?

    Wacom Intuos Pro Medium - I mean, it's a cracking bit of kit but overkill for my workflow. I guess when lockdown eases and i'm shooting more, perhaps there will be more editing to do, hopefully!
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    Graphics tablet?

    I've bought one before Christmas and hardy used it, probably a waste for me
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    Are you a member of a local camera club?

    isn't that the value of a camera club though? if I was pushing put rubbish work, I'd want someone to engage with me and offer up some critique and tips? Even if my work isn't rubbish, I keep an open mind to what other people think. Generally, people who aren't open minded about critique or...