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    Canon ef 17-40 f4L or 24-70f4L Advice/Opinions Please

    I own the 17-40F4 It's ok but not that sharp around the edges even at f8
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    New camera quandary!

    This is a handy website when comparing cameras
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    Yongnuo to announce a new 14mm f2.8 autofocus lens

    The main brands no longer have the market to themselves with flashes and now it look like high end lines are next. Very interested to see how this performs.
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    Has anyone else noticed and increased amount of couples eloping. I used to get one a year but now it's more like 5-6 . What I do like about them is they are often mid week.
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    Why has he got his eyes closed, what a wimp :)
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    Critique First High Key attempt

    Im not convinced by the angle but apart from that I like it. I photograph weddings, around 60 a year. I often start the day at the brides house or mum and dads. I often see photo's at the house that have been taken at a studio. This is better than 80% of them
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    The beige bra and a few tits

    The last two are very nice, putting the food in the branches works very well.
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    Snow meant today was cancelled, so I got bored...

    So did you buy your love one some flowers, or some props you wanted to photograph, sneaky. Nice shots
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    That made me smile, so thats a hit
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    Why do companies rip off UK customers?

    I do feel sorry for our retailers. Digital rev sell the Canon 5DMK4 for £2200 thats delivered to your door. Thats cheaper that UK shops can buy it from Canon.
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    Bring it on !

    Nice photo but a shallower depth of field would help to isolate the boy a little more. We live in Devon and our girls are fed up as we have not had one flake os snow.
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    My daughter

    So Im not the only one with daughters that get fed up with daddy asking them to model. I recently bought the 5DMK4 and it was not focusing properly. I have a focus test card to help with micro adjustments but i find nothing beets a human face to test on. They both soon got board with that. I...
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    Lightroom Crashes

    I have Just tried that and mine is fine. I also have the new Classic
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    Beginner Printing - Can you have too many megapixels?

    My main problem with to many pixels is how long it takes to edit them and especially how long it takes to convert them from raw to jpeg. Often my clients want a quick turn around. At a conference last week, after shooting a guest speaker they wanted the photo's on social media ASAP. So I used my...
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    I don't remember that ..................

    Thats so sad, I hope it was ok.